Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 5 Review: IRL

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The most important thing about Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 5 is that Boris the dog was not hurt! No, seriously, you know we were all sweating it.

Were you surprised to find out the man who was going through Tommy's linens in the first minutes of the episode, the same man who Tommy held at gunpoint, was actually Bubonic himself? Thanks to his plague mask poor Tommy had no idea.  

And speaking of the mask, this bird-like costume was used to protect plague doctors. The beak was stuffed with scents to combat the horrific smell of death and protect them from "bad" air. Ambergris, leaves, lemon, camphor, cloves, mint, straw and myrrh were a few of the things used in the nose of the mask. Doesn't that sound like the earthy, leaf-like oil or perfume that Oliver smelled on the killer? Tommy suggested that maybe Flirtual and Bubonic were dually involved, but could they be one in the same?

The Party - Eye Candy

Then too there's the idea that Hamish has something to do with what's going on. I highly doubt it. I think he's just a parasitic leech who wants to create viral news at any cost, but I'll definitely be keeping a closer eye on him. 

The game that he and Bubonic created was disturbing and reminded me of the Would You Rather horror movie. It's truly frightening to wonder how far and how dark people would go for money. 

Finally, I was glad that Jake laid one on Lindy in the end. I don't trust him – I don't trust anyone in this world – but it was a sweet kiss and one that clearly got under Tommy's skin. There's no doubt the cop has feelings for her, as witnessed by his reaction to Bubonic's threats against her, but he's also hiding a great deal from her. And she from him. Perhaps if people were a little more forthcoming with their secrets, the clues might start falling into place a bit more. 

I think my only gripe with the episode was the outlandish idea of a serial killer party. It actually made me laugh out loud. I have no qualms when it comes to stretching the bounds of reality when watching TV, but that idea was laughable. Literally.

Sorry, but I can't accept that some rich schmo would tell the cops I'm doing this whether you like it or not and they just go "okay!" Yeah, maybe they could catch him but you're putting countless people in jeopardy. A serial killer would be enough of a departmental PR nightmare, but let's throw a serial killer party. Snort. 

So what did you think? Did that cross a line for you? Were you happy about the kiss? What do you think Connor is going to do when he learns about Oliver's fate? And what, if anything, do Flirtual and Bubonic have to do with one another?

If you missed out on the double trouble Lindy found herself in make sure to watch Eye Candy online

IRL Review

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Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

My date turned into a threeway with a madman.


Tommy: You said the woman had an annoying laugh.
Connor: Newsflash, that's called being from New Jersey.