Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Rule #101

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Absolutely stunning. That's the best way to describe the Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 finale.

Who imagined a series about divorce could be responsible for bringing to light one of the most well-written love stories on television? 

Certainly, we have no idea what the future holds, but the way Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 13 finished up the current chapter in the life of Abby and Jake was romantic, life affirming and fulfilling. 

Jo was struggling with the idea of therapy for Zooey and letting her go to visit her father. It was wonderful, frankly, to see Zooey being a rambunctious teenager and giving Jo a hard time. Jo was still trying to be compete in that department, but they met on common ground.

It was no surprise that we found Max and Ford disjointed in the finale. As the most verbal opponent to Abby's separation from Jake at the beginning of the season, it made perfect sense that his seemingly perfect marriage fell apart. It's not as easy as he thought to make it work. 

I'm a little disappointed they fell off the canvas as their marriage deteriorated. With a large cast of characters and only 13 episodes, it was inevitable something had to give. We only brushed over their disintegrating union lightly. Perhaps we'll find out what he thinks about the crap he gave Abby about her inability to hold her marriage together after his own rough time in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2.

Phoebe's life is taking another interesting turn. She's in a safe and happy place with Marco and no longer feels less than her friends, but a rotten memory from her past has taken root and will not let go. 

Considering Phoebe says Kori was stupid enough to photograph the encounters she inflicted upon drug addled 14-year-od girls, perhaps Phoebe will be able to counter the charges against her in some manner that would outweigh the benefit to Kori in pressing them. It would be Phoebe's final step of empowerment in taking control over a life that spiraled through no fault of her own years earlier.

Delia's desire to remain unmarried almost cost her Gordon. I loved how she suggested to him his desire to marry meant it was his way or the highway, when she was setting the same parameters. Abby's divorce party enlightened her and it appears they're willing to work on their issues.

It was appropriate Delia was offered a non-equity partnership with a three year non-compete clause a year after a male co-worker with three years less senior was offered full equity and no clause just days after Patricia Arquette stood in front of the world accepting her Oscar and made a statement about equal pay for women.

Delia's firm was idiotic to make such a suggestion given her job is to negotiate divorce terms for a living. Did they really think she wouldn't take the hard line? They didn't realize Gordon would have ridden out of town with her if she passed on the partnership, either. In our nearly perfect happy ending scenario, they accepted her terms.

Then we come to Abby and Jake. It's been impossible not to see the chemistry between Lisa Edelstein and Paul Adelstein and to wish, on some level, that they could find their way back to each other. So, when Abby called him to get together to sign the divorce papers, it made my heart flutter. She was crying. She wasn't ready to let him go.

Jake: Just because we signed the papers, doesn't mean we have to file them.
Abby: What?
Jake: Maybe this is what we need. Time apart to figure our own shit out and become Jake and Abby 2.0. Better versions of ourselves. Us. I'm saying what if we gave this thing one more shot?

They simply could not have picked a more beautiful street for them to shoot the scene where they held that conversation. It was so lovely. The lighting was perfect. The fountains all around gave it a look as if the rain had just washed away any sins for a fresh start. 

Abby was not impressed. She immediately recalled how he recoiled from her suggestions to talk about what happened and left the marriage, left her and the family. Their lives were ripped apart. But Jake wasn't letting go that easily, and it made me love him all the more. She was giving him and easy out, which he could have taken.

There is no handbook! You're not the answer lady. Marriage is not a one size fits all deal. I don't know. You don't know. All I know is I am still, and screw me I probably always will be, in love with you!


Despite that great pledge of love, which frankly left me with tears glossing over my eyes, Abby was done. She was ready for the divorce party waiting for her back at the house, courtesy of Jo. It's a good thing she went, too.

It was shocking to see her wedding dress on a pedestal in the backyard, the highlight of the party. All of the girlfriends took turns with a paintball gun blasting the white right off of that dress. With each paint splatter, you could just feel things changing. The fun wasn't going to last. It couldn't, not given what Abby just went through with Jake.

It's better. I mean nobody can live up to the all white, happily every after wedding gown, because ultimately it's you, it's the one you love, a lot of hard work and a gamble. Better odds than Vegas.


Their earlier talk allowed Abby to reenact one of their first dates, pretending she lost her keys so Jake could come back to the beautiful plaza to get her, where they wrapped each other up in a passionate kiss. 

I waited all season to see the two of them share a truly romantic scene together and in bed. Abby repeated Jake's words of love back to him, words they could share honestly with each other, as they laughed together about hiding from the kids until they knew what they were again... it was perfect. 

There is no doubt they will love each other always. But, life gets in the way. Abby went home to Will (who is joining Chicago Fire, so I'm not worried about him) and they had to talk about calling off the celebration of her divorce to Jake. Then there was Jake. Jake discovered Becca peed on a stick.

Becca gave up on Jake because she knew he was still in love Abby. If they want to get back together for the sake of the baby because of that, then I can't back them up. That's the wrong reason to start a relationship.

I'll hold out faith that Jabby 2.0 are a go, even if Abby might have second thoughts given her impending book deal. They have almost survived a divorce. Surely they can overcome these obstacles, right?

No matter what happens next season, what we had was well worth the wait. 

What did you think? Don't just breeze by, please share your thoughts with me in the comments. If you missed out on any of the season, you can watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online via TV Fanatic. 

Rule #101: Know When It's Time To Move On Review

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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Fine. Celebrate me. But I am official against it and refuse to enjoy it.


Jake: Hey you, awesome divorce.
Abby: We kicked divorce ass!