Justified Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Noblesse Oblige

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I’m really curious as to which way Ava’s allegiance will truly swing by the end of Justified Season 6.

It certainly feels like she wants to help Boyd, even putting herself in the lion’s den by taking pictures of the bank vault for him and his crew. And her drunken bender with Boyd at the start of Justified Season 6 Episode 3 seemed like genuine fun shared between the two.

What’s more, she hasn’t really given up any info to Raylan, despite the threat of being thrown back in prison. But I can’t help but feel that she’s not 100 percent with Boyd either.

She’s playing her own dangerous game, trapped in the middle of Boyd and Raylan, and I couldn’t help but feel her invitation to Boyd at the end of the hour was part of some plan she’s trying to pull together.

I’m sure she’ll offer up something for Raylan soon, but I wonder if Ava will wind up completely getting away from both men. She even brought up the notion of running away, which Boyd pretty much turned down, but what if she left on her own?

I love how even with three episodes in, we haven’t gotten a definitive answer as to which side she’s picked, but I can almost guarantee she’s going to have a major hand in the fates for both Raylan and Boyd.

But it was the powerhouse performance from Sam Elliott as Avery Markham that really stood out for the episode.

We saw him rather jovial and friendly with Catherine in bed in Justified Season 6 Episode 2. But during this hour, Avery was a mesmerizing presence commanding his authority. He clearly was the top dog in the room with Ty, Boyd and Ava, and it was a bit unsettling to see Boyd appear to shrink back from Avery.

Yet, I was glad to see Boyd confront Catherine and Wynn about Avery, call them both out, tell them Avery’s going to figure out their scheme, and that he wants to get Avery. He’s such a resilient character, and it was great to see that a new dangerous hiccup wasn’t enough to deter him.

This wasn’t a fast-paced hour, but it continued to tangle the web of motives and characters as the series heads towards its finale. And much like Rachel questioning Raylan’s decisions in their case against Boyd, I can only hope the show knows what it’s doing.

So far, everything seems headed in the right direction.

What do you think of Sam Elliott on Justified? Will Raylan get Boyd in the end? Sound off below, and see every twist and turn when you watch Justified online now.

Noblesse Oblige Review

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