State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11 Review: The Faithful

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We've been searching for Sheik Hakam for all of State of Affairs Season 1. Considering the enormity of the task, finding him this quickly is really quite a feat.

In State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11 Nick came close enough to put a dagger through the man's heart if he had been so inclined, and when you think about the operation as a whole and how Nick could possibly make it out alive, it seems like that might not have been such a bad idea in the long run.

It's hard to understand if the AR7 thoroughly thought out their escape plan before breaking all of their thumbs and overtaking the bus driver on their trip to prison. Perhaps it would have gone more smoothly if one of them had been able to grab the wheel. Or, maybe they didn't all engage in the thumb breaking ceremony. I would have had to sit that one out because to do otherwise would have meant passing out, resulting in the same.

Thankfully, Kenneth Travers survived. If he hadn't, we would have missed some more bonding scenes between Charlie and Lucas, as well as seeing more of the stuff Charlie's made of, which doesn't come about often in the city. 

Charlie: You're dying Kenneth. You're bleeding out, so you have somewhere between three to five minutes before your body shuts down and you slip into unconsciousness. Another three to five before your brain function flatlines and you stop breathing altogether. Ten minutes you'll be dead. All that talk about Jihad and death; you don't want to die, do you? It's only now, as you feel it radiating though you, swallowing you whole, that you realize how awful a thing dying really is. Before your time, before you really lived life, it's just life. Only fools rush towards death, Kenneth. Do you want to die today, like a fool, or do you want me to call an ambulance and save the life you've cast aside? Tell me now, Kenneth! Do you want to die today?!
Kenneth: No.

Katherine Heigl did a great job with the scene, especially right after that part of the conversation was over and Kenneth wasn't giving Charlie the answers she desired and she stood on his arm to convince him further he was making the right decision in choosing life. It was really hardcore and very Carrie Mathison of her (well, maybe she would have tried sleeping with him first, but there was hardly the time).

When Lucas first joined Charlie's team, he was kind of a smart ass and didn't exactly take her seriously. Any lingering doubts have disappeared completely. Outside of her general badassery, she's been ultra cool with regards to his drinking and believes he deserves a second chance with Maureen, urging him to try to make things right. 

It's funny, four weeks ago both Mo and Lucas were unknowns and on my potential danger list, but now that Kurt has been outed it's much easier in the office. The tension has lifted and when Greer attempted to kiss Banks' ass, for example, they could all laugh at and with him for being such a goofball. It feels like they're all in it together once again and don't have to look over their shoulders for potential sharp objects.

Charlie came clean with Constance about what's going down with Nick and Bellerophon and that didn't sit well with POTUS, although nothing that involves Nick does. POTUS continues to point at Charlie as trusting Nick due to personal reasons, but it's unclear exactly what he's done to cause POTUS to mistrust him. Instead, it seems her mistrust is based on Charlie's personal connection to him which ties back to her connection to Aaron. A wicked circle leading to pointless mistrust, because Nick is out there laying his ass on the line.

It was clear as soon POTUS mentioned an air strike that she has little to no intention of allowing Nick to leave the jungle alive. She wants him to make her look like a hero and leave no witnesses of anything to the contrary. That's probably normal in politics, but we don't see it go down.

Nick: Charlie, what's the plan for Fatah?
Charlie: The plan remains the same. Kill Hakam, kill Fatah.
Nick: What about me?
Charlie: I get you home.

The preview for next week made me cry for God's sake. Charlie in tears, Nick looking up at the sky. However, there were some other developments this week that were mysteriously untidy. They included Kurt shadowboxing happily at his new gig with Gantry and Gantry's words to Syd about sticking it out, or else.

[to Syd] The only way you can protect Charleston Tucker is to remain operational. End of story.


It's apparent Gantry's guys know their way around the jungle, Syd in particular. Syd wants what's best for Charlie and he had no intention of harming Nick. Whatever was supposed to go down there went down wrong, I think. We have yet to get any clues whatsoever as to what they're up to.

Emily was back and swinging with Kurt and Gantry was happy about that. Yeah, I have no idea why or what they'll do that could add any meaning to the operation, but we do know Gantry wanted Kurt specifically for his knowledge on Fatah and Hakam so this has to all tie together next week, right?

They can't come into the picture with this specific wish list, have Bellerophon going down in 60 minutes, an air strike takes everyone, end of story. That's a crappy end to the story. There will be more to it and those tears previewed will somehow lead to something hopeful. Gantry assuring Syd his presence was required to protect Charlie didn't feel like a ruse.

Other thoughts:

  • I loved when Lucas said he would feel more comfortable if they were armed. As if Charlie would go on a manhunt unarmed. Ha.
  • Did Constance know about Marshall's two-year affair with Kyle Green or not? Her face was either stunned at the knowledge or that David knew. Which?
  • Will Jules being in the White House and having the interview postponed leak Bellerophon going down so Gantry gets wind? Will he put it together as the only reason POTUS would cancel the interview?
  • Fatah is a great actor. First, he totally had me going in the tent and I thought he was setting up Nick, then his face when he was rousing the recruits...or wasn't he acting when he was shouting the words for Hakam?! So confused!
  • I'm officially rooting for Maureen and Lucas to get together. I'd rather see them in a sexy scene than Kurt and Emily. Sorry Kemily, you're just sex.
  • We haven't had a health update on Navaro. Poor guy. Only one Banks scene, too. Hmpf.

What do you expect the season (likely series -- SOB) finale will hold? It looks like the title will be "Deadcheck" so perhaps a follow up to next week and checking on the casualties to a potential air strike? Only one more episode before we get there, guys! Hit the comments with your thoughts on "The Faithful." 

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The Faithful Review

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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Banks: Every time I come down here I feel like I'm a hundred years old.
Greer: You sure don't look it sir. You look great.

Charlie: With a clear and present threat to US citizens on US soil, you have every right to use whatever force you deem necessary.
POTUS: Then that is exactly what I'm going to do.