Survivor Season 30 Episode 1 Review: It's Survivor Warfare

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It only takes a tribal council for the claws to come out.

Survivor Season 30 Episode 1 kicked off with mostly everyone being friendly to each other. All it took was a little lie to show us who the crazies in the camps are.

It seemed as though the white collar camp had everything going for them. They had the brains, but they most certainly didn't have the ability to emerge victorious from the first immunity challenge. Voting out So will come back to bite them in the ass. Did anyone else love the fact that Max commented that the free spirits had no chance in hell of completing the visual puzzle? Karma sure came back to bite him in the ass.

The immunity challenge was one of the toughest we've seen on the show. It had so many different parts to it and the choice of puzzle could make or break the chance of winning. It was a pleasant surprise that the no collars came in first place, especially with the other two tribes dismissing them.

Vince seems like he is going to be trouble. The way he quickly reeled Jen in and got jealous when she spoke to Joe made it obvious they were in an alliance. He was way too paranoid and I'm happy Jen picked up on this. He isn't a good person to be in an alliance with and let's face it, these first episode alliances never last.

Do you feel more of a connection with Joe?


Joe really seems like an early contender to take the crown at the end of the season. He effortlessly managed to light the fire and ace the puzzle, but will he be able to get Vince out before Vince gets him out? So many things are up in the air at this early stage of the game.

So was voted out by a vote of 4-2 up against Carolyn.

Just look at Joaquin and So. The two of them aligned straight off the bat and So found herself the first one eliminated. Here I was sitting commenting that we had our first showmance, but the two of them played a horrible game. You'd think they would both wait until a quieter time to go searching for the idol, rather than broad daylight when everyone is busy figuring out who is trustworthy and who isn't.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with Joaquin next. He is the physically the strongest guy on his tribe by a landslide, but will he be able to be trusted again?

Let's talk about tribal council. It really was all guns blazing as So, Carolyn and Shilin went at it. I wonder if Shilin knew that So was campaigning to save her. Shilin made the right choice of pulling Carolyn into the fold as soon as they arrived at camp. If she didn't, it would probably be her that got her marching orders.

The blue collar tribe seems hot headed to say the least. They were at each other's throat the majority of the episode and that's without any game talk. They struggled to decide on various things. One of the best scenes was when Dan thought his tribe were stupid enough to believe that the bag of beans he got was the large one. They called him out straight away which created drama.

We need to get Harry Potter's grandfather out of here.


"It's Survivor Warfare" was a good opening to Survivor Season 30. It started off a little slow, but things kicked into high gear at the immunity challenge and as always, tribal council. With so many big characters, it appears like we are going to witness more backstabbing than any other season and I can't wait to see what's next.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Rodney seems like he is on to a winner with the ladies. His comment calling Dan Harry Potter's grandfather was hilarious.
  • With three different tribes, it'd be a lot more easier to follow if the merge happened sooner rather than later.
  • Carolyn finding the idol was a good twist. She is clearly a super fan.

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What did you think of the premiere? Was So the right one in her tribe to leave? Any early favorites to win? Hit the comments below.

It's Survivor Warfare Review

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