The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6 Review: Good Times In the Badlands

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Tonight on The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6, Cray Cray Kelsey's saga continues! We're picking up right where we left off. She's in the midst of a panic attack because Chris Soules doesn't want to have a cocktail party.

Let's get down to +/- business!

Producers are wasting no time taking us right back to Kelsey sobbing on the floor while the women sit in the lounge with their WTF faces plastered on. 

"There is something in the air. Bitches be crazy." Kaitlyn, Plus 20.

Errrrybody is on to Cray Cray's plan here. When the EMT asks what she needs, she asks to talk to Chris and says "I'm gonna get a rose tonight." Minus 15.

She calls him out for mentioning their conversation, he apologizes, and she says she's feeling a lot better. He tells her she looks beautiful and then they kiss. She goes back out to the room with the other women and she's totally composed and says she fainted under the weight of emotions and talks about brownies and her boobs. 

THIS WOMAN IS LEGIT INSANE. I seriously hope they do some psych testing before these women are allowed to join the cast. 

Carly gets a plus 5 for that shade she threw at Kelsey's BS.

Now it's time for a rose ceremony. Chris apologizes for canceling the cocktail party and says it's been a long week for him. He knew what he wanted to do without the party anyway, and hopes they all understand.

Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, Becca, Ashley, and Kelsey join Britt, Carly, and Whitney in the safe zone. Samantha and Mackenzie are headed home.

Samantha has had so little screen time no one would know her name if they didn't flash it up every time she talks and Mackenzie believes in aliens. It's weird that she made it this far.

None of the women are happy to see Kelsey sticking around for another week. Truthfully, neither am I. Minus 7 for Chris' poor judgment.

After shaving in just a towel and getting dressed in front of the camera, Chris hops on a plane to take a trip to Deadwood, South Dakota. 

There are 9 girls left and Chris says Deadwood is the perfect place to fall in love "or get shot in the back." Plus 8.

Kelsey and Britt talk about their relationships with Chris and Kelsey says she feels good about her relationship with him. She tells Britt she's "earned" a one on one date. Minus 8.

Becca gets the one on one date in Deadwood. Kelsey says this "is not okay." She's insane. IN.SANE. Minus 3.

Becca is the only girl in the house that Chris hasn't kissed, but he still thinks their relationship is solid. He's taking her horseback riding, which she's never done before, and he calls her a "natural" at riding. Horses.

Back at the house, Carly is d-o-n-e with Kelsey and she's putting it all out there with Whitney and Kaitlyn. Whitney thinks Kelsey will play the victim, and Carly thinks it's just time Kelsey got called on her terrible behavior.

So that's what they're going to do. Call her out. Plus 4

Whitney starts and says Kelsey's behavior at the rose ceremony, the weird laughing, the asking for Chris, and now she's crying. Carly says that what they're seeing isn't what Chris is seeing and calls her mean. Kelsey says she has lots of respect and admiration and she doesn't think she's saying those things. 

She says she'll "be more mindful" after calling herself eloquent, articulate, and smart, which is kind of an indicator that she doesn't think the other girls are. Ugh. 

Back on their date, Chris and Becca are roasting kabobs over an open flame. She's the funny girl and she loves that she's able to make him laugh. We do not really love that she makes him laugh because he has the weirdest laugh ever. 

He gives her the "what's your five year plan" question and then she asks him the same. His 5 year plan is actually a 15 year plan since his 5 year plan started 10 years ago. 

Becca wants kids. Chris want's "four to six." He should probably pick one of the younger chickens on the show because eggs have a shelf life. 

The next date card comes and Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly, and Megan get the group date, which means Ashley and Kelsey get the two-on-one. Both girls think they'll send the other one home. 

Back at the ranch, Chris and Becca are still talking, he gives her the rose, and they sort of smooch. Then she goes for it. Awww! Good job, Becca! Plus 8.

Chris kicks off the group date by taking the girls to a little stage where they'll be writing some country songs with the guys from Big & Rich. Whitney and Megan think they have this in the bag, and Carly's an actual singer. Kaitlyn will crack her way up through this and Britt will just kiss him. Jade's sort of out in the cold on this one.

Big...or Rich...tells Jade to speak her truth in song and takes her out for a run so she can get out of her own head. He might be insane. Not Kelsey insane, but cool insane. I like him. Plus 10.

Britt hugs and kisses him in front of Jade, who is finally feeling better about her song. Megan and Kaitlyn see it too. Annnnd buzzkill. Minus 12.

Chris decides to kick the competition off by singing his own song about how lonely it is on the prairie when he can't find a woman to marry. He's really, really not a singer. It's hilarious and adorable. Plus 10.

Britt goes first and sings about sweet music. She either forgets her lyrics or just riffs. Whitney's also not a singer. Kaitlyn writes a rap. Megan sings about being speechless. Carly calls him up on the stage to sing directly to him.

She's really pretty good and sings looking straight into his eyes. Kaitlyn says it was so intense she was almost in love for them. TAKE THAT, BRITT! Plus 7.

Jade's on the verge of freaking out. Maybe she needs one more beer. Her song is sweet, but she's not a singer. Major props for trying anyway. Chris was impressed and that's what counts.

After their singing date, they all move into the cocktail party portion of the night. Chris grabs Jade for alone time first and tells her she killed it. She tells him that her song was true. She's developing feelings for him and she can totally see herself in Iowa. He kisses her with his eyes open. She hopes she gets the rose but Carly notices there's no rose on the table.


Kaitlyn also tells him she's developing feelings for him but that it's getting hard because of all the other women there. He tells her to trust her gut. 

When it's Britt's turn to spend time with him, he takes her out of the saloon and down the street. The girls all think this was her decision, but this was totally all him. And where are they going? To the Big & Rich concert down the street. 

Chris and Britt stand in the middle of the auditorium of people and make out during the concert before Big & Rich call them up on the stage. And there's the rose. 

Britt gets it and none of the other girls even got a chance. Minus 15.

The other women await Chris and Britt's return and see her walk in with the rose in her hand while they've all been sitting there for however long not getting any time with him. Britt knows there's some angst in the room and Chris says that because this is getting harder for everyone, he thought it would be best not to give out a rose in front of everyone. 

Only Britt, Kaitlyn, and Jade got any time with him. He knows he hurt their feelings by doing what he did. Minus 10.

Britt says she feels awkward and Megan and Carly are crying. Whitney shoots daggers out of her eyes and we learn they were gone for over an hour and Britt doesn't even like country music. She apologizes, and Jade says she doesn't want Britt's sympathy. Britt just wishes there weren't tension.

Carly's really upset and feeling invisible. Britt can't stop licking her lips and Kaitlyn calls this whole thing humiliating. Carly's in the bathroom crying.

EVERYBODY DRINK. Whitney just said "for the right reasons." Minus 17.

Preparing for the two-on-one date from Hell, Ashley and Kelsey both plan to take each other out of the competition. Ashley thinks it will make her the champion of the women's suite, and let's be real. It totally will. 

In the helicopter as they fly over Mt. Rushmore, Cray Cray names all the Presidents carved into the mountain and Ashley rolls her eyes thinking that Cray Cray's plan might be to make her insane. 

Crickets. That's what happens when Chris, Kelsey, and Ashley sit on the little bed/couch thing that's been set up for the three of them. Chris grabs a blanket and takes Ashley for a walk and she doesn't even give him a minute to speak before she's kissing him.

He asks her what it's been like in the house and he tells her that the only outlier is Kelsey and calls her strategic and kind of fake. She apologizes for dropping that bomb on him but says she felt like she had to say it for all the girls. Glad someone did. Plus 9.

When it's Kelsey's turn, they clink their glasses together before sitting down on the blanket. He asks how things are in the house and she says that being friends with the girls and having a relationship with him don't gel. Then she says she's prepared to be a wife because she's been one. He says he wants the person he's going to marry to be someone who can handle social situations well.

Then he tells her that Ashley just told him that she's being fake. She's..."I'm sorry. I'm hurt." She thought Ashley was a friend. LOLOLOOLOLO. She spits out a line that she's not there for the rose and the date cards and the one on ones and blah blah LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.  

Cray Cray's look when she gets back to Ashley is pure death. She's killing Ashley in her mind in probably a hundred different ways. 

Cray Cray: "I know what you did." 

Ashley: "You think I'm not as smart as you because I don't use big words. You and I both have our Master's and I have one from a great place." ALSO...Plus 12 for "I'm from frickin 2014, not Pleasantville." 

Ashley holds it together and waits until she leaves the couch thing to start crying as she marches herself straight toward Chris and, sobbing, wants to know why he told her what she said. He consoles her and apologizes. 

He says he couldn't not hear her out. Cray Cray said this all comes down to a difference in maturity. Ashley, still sobbing, having magical eyelashes that don't fall off, says she just feels like she cares more for him than Cray Cray does. He starts letting Ashley down by saying that she wouldn't be happy in his world and doesn't fit the lifestyle and she asks him if he thinks Britt does.

"I don't know." 

She walks away and then comes back and says she can't believe she's acting like this. He says he's trying to do the best he can and she says she was trying to help him do the best he could. Plus 3

Back at the suite, the other girls are sitting there as a producer comes in to get Ashley's suitcase. The other girls are shocked. 

Ashley is still sobbing. Ugly cry sobbing can't stop. Dollars to donuts she ends up on Bachelor in Paradise or whatever this summer. Kelsey acts all innocent when Chris tells her he just sent Ashley home and she immediately hugs him and says "it's a loss..."

He's stumbling over his words and says he's thought a lot about their conversation and just doesn't know if there's an "us." He's sending Cray Cray home, too.

BAM! Chris Soules wins the night! Plus 45.

"It's okay if it's not me" she says, and he hopes the absolute best for her. Then he gets up and walks to the helicopter and she's just...stuck there in the Badlands with Ashley wandering around the hills because it's more dramatic than putting them all on the same helicopter.

The girls erupt in excitement that Kelsey's gone and cheer that he's so smart. Carly pops a bottle of bubbly and the girls get ready to party.


To see the shocking conclusion of this week's episode for yourself, watch The Bachelor online now!

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