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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 6, Chris takes the remaining 9 women to South Dakota for a trip back in time to the wild west. 

Becca gets the one on one date of the week and she and Chris go horseback riding through some trails in the Black Hills Mountains. She's never ridden a horse before but she seems to be a natural. She's also a naturally good shot, maybe even better than Chris himself. The two finally share a kiss after spending the whole day talking about their lives and five year plans. She gets a rose.

On the group date, Big & Rich stop by to give six of the women a lesson in songwriting. Then, they take turns performing their songs for Chris. Five of the girls get their feelings hurt when Chris takes Britt to the Big & Rich concert down the street and hands her a rose while they're there. None of the other girls had a chance and they end up feeling pretty humiliated.

Chris takes Kelsey and Ashley on a two-on-one date to the Badlands. Ashley tells Chris that the women believe Kelsey's fake and he later sends both of them home.

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