The Originals Round Table: The Magical Miracle Baby!

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Finncent might be dead and Hope is definitely a magical miracle baby! Such were the revelations made on The Originals Season 2 Episode 13. Oh, and Hayley totally wants to bump up her wedding to Jackson in order to create a hybrid army. 

Keep reading to find out what the TV Fanatic Round Table panel--consisting of Paul Dailly, Leigh Raines, and Miranda Wicker--thought of the most recent developments in New Orleans and then jump into the comments below with your answers!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from ?

Leigh: I'm developing a fondness for Jackson and seeing him with the crib and playing with the kids in the bayou just tickled me. I think Hayley is making a good choice (as much as I love Elijah).

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Cami and Hope in the car while the house explodes. Then the car just starts back up. Cami's reaction is priceless. Baby Hope sure is magical.

Miranda: I really, really loved Koleb's breakdown that he's the one in the family that no one mourns. Daniel Sharman is KILLING IT. Gah, I love the Mikaelsons an unhealthy amount.

Where did Freya go after she helped Finn find Hope?

Leigh: Oh ya know, probably reacquainting herself with New Orleans. Maybe a little shopping to update the old wardrobe. Check out the magic shops.

Paul: I thought she would have then went and saved the day to gain some much needed friend points from her siblings. I don't know, I didn't think she would even help Finn to begin with. Bitch.

Miranda: I totally expected her to jump out of the woods when Cami's car died, so I'm just happy that's not where she was. 

Did Finn survive the explosion? How?

Leigh: I don't think so. Yusuf's twitter was suspicious last I checked. But then again, wasn't he made a series regular?

Paul: I hope not. If he did that beautiful house would be destroyed for no reason. I think his storyline has concluded. I don't want to watch a weak version of him, trying to worm his way back into the family after everything he has done. If he did survive, it will probably be some spell he did as a measure to ensure if he was killed he would return.

Miranda: I really want to keep Yusuf Gatewood because the actor has grown on me, but I would love it if something about the explosion rendered him powerless of less omnipotent or something. He was TOO good at being terrible and seemed to have no weakness and that was getting old, fast.

Hope really is a "magical miracle baby," emphasis on magic. React:

Leigh: Yeah! What the hell was that! She is so effing cute and now she's like a cool, smart, powerful baby!

Paul: That was a terrific twist. She has werewolf, vampire and witch genes. I wonder if this has something to do with that old fossil, Dahlia.

Miranda: I feel dumb for not having thought that she would be a baby witch before seeing it with my own eyes, but that was an amazing little scene. I love this baby! Everyone's worried about protecting her and as it turns out, she's doing okay on her own. IF they decide to rapidly age her, THEN we'll have some issues.

Will Rebekah be able to save Kol?

Leigh: I sure hope so, but I'm not sure. If Finn isn't around to reverse it, maybe Freya can help? She seems pretty powerful.

Paul: Yeah, he must be saved. He is one of the most interesting new additions this season and I'd love to see more of his relationship with Davina. She'll find a way.

Miranda: I really, really hope so. I think Freya hates her brothers so I'm not counting on her to help, and if Cami's uncle's hex is any indication, this is a legit serious situation Koleb is in right now. I would trade Gia and three nameless werewolves to keep Koleb.

With all this talk of trust, plus Freya's fear of Dahlia, how will the siblings defeat their aunt? Or will they?

Leigh: I have a feeling that Aunt Dahlia is going to be the series' next big bad.  

Paul: Hope will help. She didn't randomly get those magic powers for no reason. Dahlia doesn't know what she's in for. Then again, we haven't seen how powerful she is.

Miranda: We haven't even met her and I'm already scared of her. But family is power, so I'm sure the Mikaelsons will find a way, and it might even include ::gasp:: listening to their mother.

The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 airs Monday night at 8 on the CW but you can always watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic.

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