Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Photo Gallery: A Vision in Yellow

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Donna Smoak is back in town and she's bringing a taste of spring with her.

When Ray is badly injured (he looks darn good in the photos), Felicity is surprised when her mother appears to offer her support. The two should be like a beams of sunlight to an ailing Ray, but he doesn't crack a smile in the Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 photos.

While things are going great for Mama Smoak, Papa Lance is having a different sort of day when he's kidnapped by Ra's al Ghul. Does that mean Ra's is also responsible for the attack on the mayor's office where Ray was injured? In any event, Capt. Lance doesn't look all that worried.

The photos also quickly drop in on Diggle and Roy in Verdant, apparently before Roy sits for some cocktails and more smile-free moments with Thea.

Will "Public Enemy" set a precedent? When the going gets dark, send out Smoak signals because we need Donna's smile!

We'll make an educated guess that Ra's actions (and perhaps the attack on the mayor's office and Ray) are a part of his plan to sully the reputation of the Arrow. Will it work? We'll find out!

If you've missed any of the action leading up to this, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Ray Palmer, even in a hospital bed, you're the most handsome man I've ever seen!


Ray: So, you're saying, basically that if I have the surgery now that I could die and if we wait, and the clot moves, that I could die. What if I told you that I invented a bunch of teeny tiny robots, that are capable of entering my bloodstream, traveling to the clot and shrinking it, all without damaging my brain or any other organ in my body?
Doctor: I'd say you need a psych eval.