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After the mayor was shot, Maseo went for Felicity, but Ray saved her and took one in the chest himself.

Flashback: Shado did have a twin, I was right! Pat, pat, pat.

Apparently, Capt. Lance IS the worst detective in the world, as he needs the Arrow's name from Laurel so the madness can end.

Thea and Roy have had the sex. Then they see the news, including arrest warrants out for each of the accomplices.

Ray has a blood clot as a result of the surgery to remove the arrow. It could cause a brain injury. Both options are bad, but he has a third option, to use his teeny tiny robots to clear things up. The doc nixes that idea.

In walks Donna Smoak, like a ray of sunshine. She is so typically mom.

Oliver asks Nyssa for her help, she's reticent, but acquiesces. Oliver and his friends try to kill Ra's, but fail. He's pleased as it just makes him happy in his choice of successors. Meanwhile, Capt. Lance sweeps in. Diggle is trying to keep Arrow, Canary and Arsenal safe. Arrow sends Arsenal and Canary to safety and takes on the force himself.

Capt. Lance traps Canary and thinks taking her to jail for the night might do her good. Nyssa disagrees. Laurel asks her not to hurt her father. 

Flashback and Oliver is meeting May. When he uses her shower, she notices he has the same tattoo as her sister.

Donna tried to user her hot dress to get the doctor to allow Ray to use his nanotech. Donna tries to talk Felicity into taking a chance on Ray and injecting him with the teeny tiny robots himself. 

Capt. Lance is kidnapped by Maseo and taken to Ra's al Ghul. Ra's tells Lance the truth about Oliver being the Arrow and he takes out all of his anger about Sara's death and everything since on the dual man. He has men on the way to anywhere Oliver might be to arrest him. 

Donna creates a diversion as Felicity injects Ray with his robots. She could go to jail, but otherwise he could die. She'll take her chances. He seizes, but it's relatively short. 

Roy and Thea are at Verdant talking about guilt when the cops come in after Oliver. 

In the flashback, May threatens to call the police. Whoops, she already did and the guns are aimed at everyone. Shoot first, ask questions later. They aren't the police!

Everyone watches the press conference in which Capt. Lance tells the city Oliver Queen is the Arrow. 

Team Arrow arrives at Diggles with nothing but bad news. Ra's has used the city as a weapon. Oliver says it's his city and leaves the apartment. 

Flashback as Maseo steps in and help. The people attacking worked for Amanda Waller.

Ray tells Felicity he loves her, but she doesn't say it back because she loves Oliver.

Oliver turns himself in. Team Arrow shows up. Oliver has given himself up as long as they have full immunity. 

In a flashback, Oliver tells Mae the truth about her family and she tells him he has no idea how powerful the truth can be.

Team Arrow is upset and Diggle wants to leave the cave. it's not safe anymore. Oliver is being transported with Lance in a van with a ridiculous amount of escorts. Lance is upset about not being told about Sara making it to the island with him, among other things. He reminds Oliver saving people isn't his specialty and runs down his casualty list. He also punches him in the face. 

Roy takes the van and says he's the Arrow. 

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Ray Palmer, even in a hospital bed, you're the most handsome man I've ever seen!


Ray: So, you're saying, basically that if I have the surgery now that I could die and if we wait, and the clot moves, that I could die. What if I told you that I invented a bunch of teeny tiny robots, that are capable of entering my bloodstream, traveling to the clot and shrinking it, all without damaging my brain or any other organ in my body?
Doctor: I'd say you need a psych eval.