Bones Round Table: Cyndi Lauper and Body Stew

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After a long, long hiatus, Bones Season 10 Episode 11 came back strong.

On "The Psychic in the Soup," the team remembers Sweets on his birthday, and Booth and Brennan even get a special surprise.

Cyndi Lauper also guest stars as everyone's favorite psychic, Avalon Harmonia, while Brennan and the rest of the gang investigate the murder of a local psychic who was found in a tree.

This week, TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Christine Orlando, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel are joined by Bridget Liszewski from The TV Junkies for a discussion of Sweets, Cyndi Lauper, and "body stew."

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the way Sweets was remembered in "The Psychic in the Soup?"

Bridget: I think the show overall has done a nice job with remembering Sweets throughout the entire season, and this episode was a good reflection of that. It was nice to see the way each team member had a different reaction to realizing it was his birthday. It made things more realistic, because people aren't always going to have the same feelings about something like that.

Mary Kate: They were all really sweet (no pun intended). The only thing I thought was odd that 1) they didn't remember his birthday in general and were reminded by a phone reminder and 2) that they didn't realize it would've been the big 3-0. Were they even friends with Sweets? Once they caught on, they all made an effort to make sure they honored him. Of course, the book was at the end was the sweetest touch.

Christine: Mary Kate, I have to admit that I always put birthday reminders on my calendar. I’d probably forget my own if I didn’t. But I liked how they all remembered Sweets. I specifically liked how Booth shared the special donuts with his new partner. I think Sweets would have liked that.

Ashley: I thought it was well done, and like Bridget says, I think they've done a good job remembering him throughout the season instead of just moving on with the story after he was killed off. My favorite thing was that Booth still got those donuts – that was a nice detail.

How do you feel about Avalon?

Bridget: While I'm not sure I believe in psychics, I do know that I love Cyndi Lauper! It's always fun when she turns up on Bones, so I was glad to see her. She's a great recurring guest and I hope they bring her back again some day.

Mary Kate: Her character has always brought something interesting to the episodes; this was no different with Sweets. Cyndi Lauper is great at portraying the character and interacting with all of the skeptics of the Jeffersonian + Angela. I wouldn't mind if she returned for another case.

Christine: I love her. I don’t really believe in psychics, but I enjoy Cyndi Lauper, and I like how the character is a counter balance for all of the skeptics at the FBI.

Ashley: She's fabulous, and I agree that she makes a great addition – throw a psychic in with a group of scientists and there are definitely going to be some interesting conversations. I also like her overall attitude, and thought it was hilarious when she figured out details about flooring, who Justine's rival was, etc. based on obvious clues.

Were you surprised by Fuentes trying to smuggle prescription drugs?

Bridget: Not really. Even though he was clearly acting shady and hiding something from Cam, I never really thought it was going to be something bad. The fact that he was helping people back home in the end made sense.

Mary Kate: Not particularly. You could tell it was something he felt very strongly about. My surprise was how the covert operation he was running failed so miserably because he used the Jeffersonian, a government building, to talk about it and send the drugs to. He's lucky Brennan is Brennan.

Christine: I was relieved actually. For a moment I was afraid that he was going to turn out to be a bad guy. It actually made me like him more knowing that he was willing to risk his job to help others on need.

Ashley: I agree with Christine – I like him more now, and I'm so glad he had good intentions. But like Mary Kate points out, he wasn't all that smart in the execution. I'm glad Brennan helped out, and I loved the moment when he hugged her. So cute!

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being completely vomit-worthy, how gross were those remains this week?

Bridget: Totally a 10! Just when you think Bones can't get any grosser they gift us with "Body stew!" Thanks for that image. We won't be having it out of our minds for a long time to come!

Mary Kate: Up there, that's for sure. However, there have been far more vomit-worthy remains. The usual mood of being completely grossed out was changed because of remembering Sweets. You can't really think about the remains when they were all remembering Sweets.

Christine: For some reason this didn’t both me as much as some of the others so I’ll give it a 7. There are weeks I find myself fast-forwarding through the really gross stuff. I didn’t do that this time.

Ashley: I'll give it a 9, because yes, there's been worse, but the whole "body stew" image did me in.

Was there anything that disappointed you about this episode?

Bridget: Overall, it felt like a little bit of a let down for me. You can't really match the high of the 200th episode, that'd be unrealistic, but I was hoping for a more exciting episode coming back from the long hiatus.

Mary Kate: Nothing in particular. It's hard to compare it to the recent episodes because anything recent aired ages ago. So I'll just say the abnormally long hiatus was the biggest disappointment.

Christine: Nothing. I thought it was an excellent episode that gave everyone their moment to shine.

Ashley: I wished Daisy would have been a part of this particular episode. And like Bridget, I did hope for something bigger coming back from hiatus. Overall, though, I still thought it was a solid episode.

Did you have a favorite quote or scene?

Bridget: I liked when Angela said, "You don’t have to believe, but you don't have to dismiss it either." I enjoyed seeing some focus back on her. It's overdue, and it perfectly summed up the situation with Avalon and a group of logical scientists. I also love any time we get to see an emotional Seeley Booth.

Mary Kate: I loved all of the scenes talking about Sweets, but mostly that last scene at Booth and Brennan's house with the book and Christine. The little girl that plays Christine is so adorable. I hope they continue to make her a part of the show, because there was a time you forgot they had a child. The book also made Sweets' story come full circle because that is how his character started.

Christine: Even as a skeptic, I loved Angela showing Hodgins that what was once considered impossible, may eventually be proven otherwise. Just because you don’t believe in magic, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Ashley: I'm torn! I loved Booth playing tea party with Christine, the moment when Fuentes hugged Brennan, and Angela's speech to Hodgins. But my favorite has to be the end when Booth and Brennan get the book from Sweets – especially since it's presumably the "special" book Christine was referring to.

What did you think of "The Psychic in the Soup"? Join the conversation by sharing your answers to these questions in the comments below!

By the way, Bones Season 10 Episode 12 will be titled, "The Teacher in the Books" and airs next Thursday, April 2nd. Don't miss it!

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Ashley Bissette Sumerel was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Hodgins: He didn't make it to thirty?
Cam: Yeah, but he made it to happy. And that's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Hodgins: You alright there, Dr. B.? You look like something's bothering you.
Cam: Which is reasonable considering she's about to stick her hands in body stew.