Ed Westwick Lands Shocking Lead in ABC Pilot!

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Calling all Bonnie and Clyde fans!

Gossip Girl fans, you come along, too, because guess who'll be playing a modern-day Clyde in ABC's pilot (currently titled) L.A. Crime...Ed Westwick!

Yep, the GG stunner is set to star as one half of the serial killing duo Betty and Kent (he's Kent), should L.A. Crime go to series.

How on earth could that handsome face be a murderer? Heck, what better way to get away with it. The other half of the good-looking duo will be played by former Parenthood mother, daughter, sister and wife, Erika Christensen, who recently tweeted the potential series may be in for a title change. 

Gabriel Luna and Adam Rothenberg will play two detectives trying to track down Betty and Kent as they go on a Sunset Strip killing spree in the 80s. American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga will also be appearing in the pilot. 

You don't have to tell us how much you want this one to go to series, Gossip Girl fanatics. Probably about as much as you're hoping Westwick's fellow GG alum Chase Crawford's ABC pilot, Boom, also makes it to air! 

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