Episodes Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Decay of Matt LeBlanc

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Matt finally has the breakdown we've all been excepting, and, despite the usual reasons he provides us with, which making hating him so easy, you kind of have to feel for the man.

The signs of his deterioration, the legacy of his youthful charm and good-looks crumbling around him, have been shoved in his face pretty hard recently, and that, mixed with his recent financial struggles, have really placed the star in a hopeless situation.

Episodes Season 4 Episode 8 drives home is struggle, and reunites the actor with his writer friends in the process. 

Oh, and Beverly finally finds about the signals that her "lesbian haircut" has been sending to confused women all throughout Hollywood. 

Making a Decsion - Episodes

I sort of feel like Matt's storyline should have taken precedence over the growlingly absurd Helen/Carol relationship arc, but the episode still managed to find a decent balance between both halves of the story. 

Any emotional development on the part of Mr. LeBlanc always feels like it's one step forward, and a thousand leaps backwards, but at least he realizes that he needs his friends (even if he is just drunk, and a bit too touchy-feely).

Matt: Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
Sean: Don't you think you've fucked us enough -- I wasn't even going there.

Sean has a right to be frustrated with Matt's consistent inconsideration, but he seemed pretty level-headed in that last scene. A less wise Sean would have blew a gasket. 

However, rather than Sean and Beverly becoming complacent and sinking down to Matt's level, I'd rather see Matt finally have to grow up. He needs, and probably deserves, all that he has coming -- show with Merc included.

Merc: I'm excited about this!
Matt: I know you are.

Helen's jealousy is pretty uncharacteristic for a person who is usually thoughtful, but she does have some odd tendencies as far as relationships are concerned, so I guess it fits. 

She's also sure is vindicative -- but I'm not complaining, seeing as how the anger it's rightfully direct at Merc (and not Beverly this time).

I swear on my little swastika tattoo, that this is nothing personal.


Kathleen Rose Perkins continues to do a great job as the conflicted, yet always entertaining, Carol, and her attempts at keep her friendship discreet this episode only seemed to make it more scandalous and candid. 

For more hilarious moments, head over to Episodes quotes, and make sure to watch Episodes online to relive the highlights. Tonight's episode managed to keep the story moving, and it remains to be seen where Matt will truly end up post-Pucks.

Leave any comments you have down below: are you okay with this entire season seemingly being a transition between Pucks and whatever's next? Or, like me, would you prefer it if they moved things a bit quicker?

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Sean: In school they would say, I could turn a woman gay.
Beverly: I'm glad you're having fun with this.

Well it's not like I'm a squirrel crossing the highway!