Finding Carter Stars Tease the Truth Ripping Through Season 2

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When Finding Carter ended its first season, Carter was kidnapped again by her estranged "mother" and kidnapper, Lori. 

We thought that was as bad as it could get, but trailers for Finding Carter Season 2 promise "The truth will tear you apart."

TV Fanatic had a chance to talk with stars Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron who play Carter and Taylor, respectively, and they gave us their insight on what's coming.

Kathryn Prescott and Anna Jacoby-Heron

"It's a truth that was buried and forgotten, it wasn't so much an active secret that was being kept, but there is this truth that comes out," Kathryn shared. "It affects everyone," Anna added and Kathryn continued, "Yeah, to both the people who kept the secret and those who are just finding out, it's very damaging."

As they're playing twins, have they ever thought what it might be like to play each other's parts? Much to Kathryn's surprise, Anna revealed she initially auditioned for the role of Carter. "Well, I auditioned for the role of Carter," Anna said as Kathryn squealed, "WHAT?!? That's so random!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then they called me for Taylor," Anna continued, "but really, that's the only time I ever thought about playing Carter."

The characters are so different, and yet as the first season ended their relationship had evolved so much. Is the truth going to change that relationship at all? "I think that truth is going to bring them closer, even more so than how it ended on the first season, but it will take some turns and there will be ups and downs, as well, as information comes both positive and negative for their relationship," Anna said.

As for the reveal itself, is it what they expected? For both Kathryn and Anna, the answer is yes. "It could have been a slight variation of what was expected, but I thought it was what could have happened," Kathryn offered. 

Do you have any theories about the truth that's coming our way? To find out what it is, you'll need to tune into Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 1 tonight at 10/9c on MTV.

Check back here shortly thereafter for a full review and return tomorrow morning for a follow up interview with Kathryn and Anna about the reveal and what you can expect as Finding Carter Season 2 progresses.

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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Carter: You drugged me.
Lori: I know baby, I'm sorry. I had to.

Max: I made a really big mistake, breaking us up. I was going through a lot.
Taylor: That will happen when someone shoots you.
Max: Yeah, but I don't want to be apart. We had a really great thing going and I think we should have it again, now, if that's OK.