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Carter wakes up to Lori on the phone telling someone they knew the truth had to come out and wondering if they were threatening her. Before she awoke, Carter was dreaming of being a toddler with Taylor.

In the hospital, Taylor shows up at Max's room with news that there is a media blackout about Carter's latest abduction. She wonders if it's OK she's there since they're broken up and nobody can believe they broke up. Max apologizes for breaking them up and says they want to get back together. They do.

At the police station, Elizabeth wonders why there is a media blackout when it's been four hours. The FBI says she should have never been involved in her own daughter's case and she has to go home.

At the motel, Carter wants to know what's going on. She can't believe Lori drugged her, but Lori says she's not ready to her what she has to say yet.

Taylor asks Max if Lori would every hurt Carter. No, but he never expected her to do this either. He also thinks Carter isn't a little girl anymore. She's tough and smart and she'll be fine.

Elizabeth tells the family she's off the case, but they don't agree with her that she screwed everything up. David promises everything will be OK.

When Carter gets an opportunity, she makes a break for it after Lori says they're going to get Taylor. She runs straight into traffic, but Lori catches her. Carter doesn't understand what Taylor has to do with anything. Lori takes a selfie of them and asks her to text it to Taylor. She wants her to send it with a message to meet them at a restaurant and remember how they were, before she ever knew of the Wilsons. Carter thinks Lori is so different now, but Lori disagrees. She wants just one chance.

Back at the house, the family thinks of course Taylor isn't going alone. Elizabeth won't allow the FBI to be involved and David agrees. They'll decide who's going. Before they discuss it, David wants to talk about some things about Lori. Elizabeth stops him. They need to think about what they're going to do right now.

Taylor is remembering Lori and the day Carter was taken. She saw Lori take Carter as she stood helplessly by, not saying anything. She tells her parents she's going.

Grant is worried about Taylor going and doesn't believe David can do anything to ensure her safety. To help put him at ease, Taylor asks him to go get Max. His mother hasn't gone to get him yet.

At the restaurant, Lori tells Carter to act natural. Carter's not that hungry. Liz and Taylor go in, but Lori wasn't expecting the two of them. She decides it's just as well since Elizabeth will want to hear it, too.

Lori says she's not the bad guy. She's their real mother. She says it with a giant smile on her face. As Elizabeth gulps, she asks what she's talking about and Lori starts rattling off her vital statistics and then her donor number. Elizabeth begins to cry. They couldn't get pregnant, so they found an egg donor. Lori was donor number 3526.

At the hospital, Gammy and Grant collect Max, but not before Grant has a minor meltdown.

As Taylor wonders why, when her parents had the opportunity to tell her along the way about not being Elizabeth's natural daughter, they never did. As Lori spouts weirdness about her rights in the eyes of human beings and God, she pulls a gun on them all while saying she would never intentionally hurt them.

Lori says she tried to contact Elizabeth and David when the girls were babies, but they wouldn't listen to her. Then she mentions she had the decency to leave Taylor when she was a little girl. She can't believe this is how she is repaid. As Carter Taylor, she unplugs the wire Taylor's wearing. Kyle thinks it's a sign and starts inside, prompting Lori to usher the girls out. Outside the two women engage in a hella fist fight before Lori runs off and David catches her. Carter and Taylor hug their mom.

Lori is booked and expected to spend the night in jail.

The FBI Agent agrees to allow Elizabeth to watch their follow up with Lori. He's been thinking; maybe the FBI should start recruiting a few more mothers.

Elizabeth runs into Lori as she's being fingerprinted and Lori taunts her. She doesn't have the full story. Lori thinks Liz should ask David about other, important things Liz might want to know. She says she's not the only one to blame here and David did a number on both of them.

At home, everyone is happy to see the girls, Liz and David. Grant asks Carter if it's a hugging moment. When Max says he'll call his mom in the morning, everyone thinks he's nuts. They all want him to stay. After all, it's a long drive to physical therapy.

The term Wilson women comes up again.

Elizabeth and David want to talk to Taylor and Carter about their birth. Taylor is visibly angry, but she never wants to talk about it again. Elizabeth is sad and defeated. Carter wants to be clear. They're done with all the lies, right? Elizabeth says yes.

Max is going to sleep downstairs, saying the stairs are difficult to navigate. When Taylor offers to sleep downstairs with him, he suggests they both get some rest. She seems worried by that.

Upstairs, Elizabeth is scared. David says Lori can't hurt them anymore. Elizabeth is not so sure. She never wanted them to know they weren't her girls. She was going to take the secret to her grave. David assures her nothing Lori says can ever change the way the girls feel about her.

Taylor can't believe mom isn't her mom. Carter doesn't even know what the word means anymore. They know they're sisters and nothing will ever change that. Ever.

Elizabeth tells David what Lori said. That David did a number on both of them. What did she mean by that?


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Carter: You drugged me.
Lori: I know baby, I'm sorry. I had to.

Max: I made a really big mistake, breaking us up. I was going through a lot.
Taylor: That will happen when someone shoots you.
Max: Yeah, but I don't want to be apart. We had a really great thing going and I think we should have it again, now, if that's OK.