iZombie Round Table: Two Zombies Walk Into a Bar...

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Meet and greets are bizarre when you're a normal human being, but for two zombies it's just downright awkward.

That was the mood of iZombie Season 1 Episode 2 when Liv met Blaine, the zombie who turned her into one of the undead at that tragic boat party.

Joining the discussion are TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, Whitney Evans, and Lindsay MacDonald. Check out this debate over Major and Liv's chemistry, Blaine's real motives, and the brilliance of Rob Thomas.  

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Izombie Round Table

So many great jokes to choose from! What was your favorite line of the episode?

Stacy: I loved the conversation between Liv and Blaine when they were debating "raging out" versus "full out zombie mode." Their food conversation was great too, especially Liv's comment on seeing a kid eating a peanut butter cup. Peanut butter cups and wine are two of my favorite things, so I would be pretty devastated if I couldn't taste them anymore too.

Whitney: "I'm a quarter Cherokee." "Yeah you are." Anytime Liv was feeling the attraction to the mistresses and the one boyfriend, it was comic gold. Rose McIver was awesome this week!

Terri: My favorite line was, "You gave my fifty shades of psychic and no vital details." Passionate Liv was quite hilarious. She made everything sound like it came from a romance novel.

Amanda: Got to go with the "raging out" vs the "full out zombie mode" conversation.

Lindsay: Liv's flirting was fantastic, but I have to go with, "What's more meta than a zombie having a bad zombie dream?" Rob Thomas and his love of pointing out meta is right up my alley. It reminded me of my girl, Veronica Mars.

Liv and Major: meant to be or a just not interested?

Stacy: It's way too soon for anything to happen there. They're the central couple of the series so chances are the will they/won't they will be dragged out for awhile, but my guess is they're endgame.

Whitney: It's hard to get a handle on them, and I'm not really seeing how they're going to continue to keep Major around at this point. Not that I want him to go anywhere, because hello, Robert Buckley can do no wrong. But they need to define Major as a character soon or no one is going to care if he and Liv get back together.

Terri: I think they're meant to be, but it might be a long road there. I felt bad for the both of them. Liv finally gave in to her feelings, but took things too far too quick and Major didn't know how to handle her sudden about face. It'll be interesting to see how they get past this. And you know he'll eventually learn the truth about her zombieness. That's gotta put a crimp in a relationship!

Amanda: I'm sure we'll learn more about him and their relationship, but I'm not interested yet. Robert Buckley is adorable so I'd like to see what their relationship was like before she became a zombie, maybe with a flashback episode. I bet they'll will reunite at some point. However, maybe Major will get together with Liv's roommate/friend, Peyton, at some point.

Lindsay: I'm completely on board with this relationship, but I agree with Whitney too. Why is Major really around? What does he do with his days? Who else does he interact with? I get royally pissed when female characters are relegated to "love interest" without any story or substance of their own, so I'm naturally just as irritated when it happens to men.

Blaine finally made an appearance, and there's way more to him than expected. Do you love him? Hate him? And what in the world is he up to?

Stacy: I thought he was hilarious. He's now my second favorite character of the series. It helps that I've always been a big fan of David Anders, but Blaine also seems to have a lot to explore about him.

Whitney: I've been conditioned to hate David Anders since his long ago days on The Vampire Diaries, but he was pretty enjoyable here. Evan when he was being a total jerk and creepy, he was still charismatic, and I kept waiting for him to pop up again and make me laugh.

Terri: I've had a love/hate relationship with David Anders since Alias. However, I love seeing him in a more comedic light. And how genius is he creating his own supply and demand zombie brain market?

Amanda: I'm going to love to hate him. David Anders is awesome, and I'm loving what he's doing with Blaine so far. He's got the attitude of James Spader in Pretty in Pink and the wit of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not to mention the hair!). I'm interested to see how far he's going to go with the brain selling. I'm also curious to see if he has a larger plan to create more zombies.

Lindsay: Like Terri, I loved David Anders since he was the nefarious Julian Sark on Alias. He excels in a villainous role, but I'm absolutely enjoyed his heavy dose of comedy too. Let's hope being a brain dealer is all he's got planned, or Liv might be in some serious trouble.

Which storyline did you prefer? Liv digging into her zombie roots, or the murder of the week?

Stacy: I was more interested in the zombie roots story. I'm interested to see how the show goes about revealing more clues. I wonder if the show will eventually end with them finding a cure.

Whitney: Even though I like Babineaux, I'm far more interested in Liv's journey than the cases of the week. This one was pretty good but I still want to learn more about the zombie world. There are just so many questions!

Terri: Definitely Liv digging into her roots. Blaine knows more than he's letting on, but I don't think he's the trigger for the outbreak.

Amanda: Liv's zombie journey is far more intriguing than the case of the week. I don't mind the case of the week set up, but I'm much more interested in the zombie aspect of the story.

Lindsay: It seems we have a consensus, and it's something I was concerned about in my review of iZombie Season 1 Episode 2. The crime elements of the show are strong and entertaining, but the audience is around to see Liv's personal journey. It might be hard to keep that balance up as the zombie mystery gets more and more intriguing.

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