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At a new crime scene, Liv and Ravi determine that the cause of death for their most recent body was murder. 

Babineaux tries to pump Liv for psychic information, but since shes hasn't eaten the guy's brains yet, she's got no clues. 

Major stops by to return some of Liv's stuff, and it's clear that he's not over her at all. 

Liv gets a memory flash from the latest victim's brains of him cheating on his wife. Babineaux takes this as confirmation of this theory that the wife murdered him. 

When interviewing the wife, they're both shocked to find out that she knew about all of his lovers and was fine with it. Ravi confirms it couldn't have been her since the murderer was at least 6 ft. tall. 

Ravi hires a sketch artists to help Liv find her mystery zombie creator. She realizes that their murder victim was an artist when she creates a better sketch. It ends up being unnecessary when he shows up at the morgue. 

As it turns out, Blaine was turned the night of the boat party too and he claims he's been adjusting to the new zombie life, just like Liv. Afterwards, we see Blaine pick up a woman at a bar and take her home.

Her new flirty personality (inherited from her painter victim) gets Liv into trouble when she starts sending Major mixed signals. 

Blaine asks Liv to help him acquire brains from the morgue for food, and she agrees. When two drug dealers try to take Blaine to meet his former boss, he eats them. Afterwards, he visits the woman he previously slept with, and we discover she has been zombified. Blaine offers to sell her brains from Liv's morgue for $25k. 

Liv and Babineaux solve their painter's murder, and Liv embraces her new passionate side and goes to see Major. When she kisses him, he kicks her out. 





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