Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Mona Alive?

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We were left with plenty to discuss after Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 21, from new clues to Spencer finding herself in London ... and almost in trouble.

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly and Winston Rice are joined by TV Fanatic super fans Meaghan and Destinee from PLLnewsfeed. Ready to join their debate over Varjax and A?

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Who is Varjak?

Destinee: Varjak is one of Ali's aliases. She has a passport with the name holly Varjak. She has to have some connection with the name.

Meaghan: All signs seem to point to Varjak being Ezra, in my opinion. Ezra used to tell Ali she was his Holly Golightly. Like Destinee pointed out though, Ali used the last name as her alias so maybe this is a clue to it just being someone who is involved with her? Maybe Ali was just so obsessed with the idea of being Holly Golightly that she nicknamed another beau of hers Varjak. It could possibly be the infamous Beach Hottie, too.

Winston: I have to agree with Meaghan on this one. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Varjak was a writer, and the only writer around Rosewood (that we know of) is Ezra. So, he remains my most likely suspect. Then again, Ali, not Ezra, was the one that told the girls Ezra told her she reminded him of Holly Golightly. That leaves us to believe Ali was telling the truth, and we all know how good of a liar Ali can be. A, privy to any and all info regarding the PLLs, could simply be using the pseudonym of Varjak, because A knows just how much Ali loves Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Paul: I agree with Meaghan and Winston. It points to Ezra, but Destinee's observation is also interesting. I completely forgot about the passport. Ezra isn't as innocent as we've been led to believe.

A putting the blood sample in Spencer's bag: React!

Destinee: I was in complete shock. One minute they are laughing, next Spencer's purse is bleeding! A must really hate Spencer to be able to ruin her college interview like that.

Meaghan: Well Spencer sure knows how to make a first impression now doesn’t she? The amount of blood pouring out of her bag was a little ridiculous, considering that there was only one blood vial in her purse. You would have thought she had a severed head in her bag or something. I wonder whose blood it was. A seemed to only have one vial of each of the girls’ blood. Would they really have wasted one of them to plant on Spencer?

Winston: A brilliant move, despite the fact that it’s pretty much unbelievable. I’m finding it hard to believe the TSA wouldn’t have found the blood in Spencer’s bag. Then again, who’s to say A didn’t have a minion in London to do his/her bidding? I’ve always been skeptical of Wren and Melissa. Someone could’ve slipped that vile of blood into Spencer’s bag after she landed.

Paul: A really doesn't want any of the liars to leave Rosewood. This was a shocking development and I can't wait to see how it will affect Spence's chances of getting in.

Is Mona really alive?

Destinee: I do think MONA is alive now, knowing that the blood in her house could of been the blood that she drew from her self several times before she was "murdered" yes I do believe she is alive.

Meaghan: We saw her body. PLL loves to use masks and mannequins and maybe what we saw in the trunk was not really a body. I want to believe she is dead because it's ridiculous that more than one person in Rosewood can get away with faking their death. Mona’s plan was so well thought out that I wouldn’t be too mad if she succeeded in faking her death. I am leaning towards her being dead, but ask me again next week and I might have a different answer.

Winston: I hope she isn’t. We’ve been there, done that with Alison’s resurrection. BUT...I think she is. Mona has probably been in cahoots with A from the beginning, and this was just one more step in their master plan.

Paul: If she is a live, I'm out. The show has to move on from her and actually give us some answers, not keep killing people off and bringing them back.

Why did Veronica tell Spencer to stay out of town?

Destinee: Veronica told Spencer to stay out of town because toby had to tell the officers about who broke into the art museum and stole the paintings. With Spencer already being on the cops mind her breaking into a building and stealing is just another thing to go on the arrest warrant.

Meaghan: I wonder if it has anything to do with the barrel. We haven’t seen any movement on the barrel front for weeks now and I think it is about time that it pops back up again. Another possibility is it has something to do with Ali’s trial. We did see Veronica go visit Ali in prison and saw Ali ask Veronica for help. We also know that Veronica has been consulting on her case. What if something has come up in the case that could implicate Spencer? Whatever the reason that Veronica wants her to stay it just has to be something legal related.

Winston: Who knows. Spencer has a track record, and A could be using literally anything at this point to throw every last liar in jail. But maybe what Veronica discovered had absolutely nothing to do with Spencer, and she’s just trying to be a good mom and protect her from whatever she found out. If she does take on Ali’s case (which I hope she does), it could all just be a way of Veronica keeping Spencer out of the spotlight.

Paul: She knows something we don't, that's for sure. I don't think it actually showed us what she saw on the paper. Could it have Spencer listed as another suspect?

Should the liars come clean to an adult?

Destinee: finally, one of the liars are coming to their senses. Yes they need to tell an adult and explain everything instead of finding A by themselves and getting hurt. They need to tell someone with bigger power.

Meaghan: I'm with Destinee on this one. It is about freaking time these girls smartened up. At this point Aria is the only one who really needs to be concerned about keeping A quiet about her secret, because she could definitely do jail time over Shana. But is A really holding anything over the other girls’ heads? I don’t think so.

Winston: No. That’s the smart thing to do, of course, but I like seeing the girls work together to figure things out on their own. After all this time, I want them to overcome A by themselves.

Paul: It would ruin the dynamic of the show, but it would also leave a way for the show to continue on to another mystery. The show would have been better suited to a format with a new mystery every season.

Any guesses who big A is and their motive?

Destinee: Melissa is the main person on my rAdar, I believe she is A because she was intimidated by her sister and her friends Spencer would always steal Melissa's boyfriends why shouldn't she be A.

Meaghan: My dream for who A would be is that Spencer would have a twin and that twin is A. Yes I know it is far fetched but there have been clues that have lead me to believe it (mostly related to the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train and the night of the lodge fire in Pretty Little Liars Season 3) and it would be a nod to the book without ripping the story line straight out of it.

Winston: After all the red herrings this show has given us, it could quite literally be anyone. Heck, it could even by Pastor Ted. From the beginning, my gut has always said it’s Jenna or Melissa, so I’ll stand by that for now. They’ve both had their fair share of issues with Ali (and the rest of the girls), and nothing is sweeter than revenge. Whoever A is though, I’m just hoping it’s been worth the wait.

Paul: I agree with Winston. The reveal has got to be mind blowing for it to even pique my interest at this point. Marlene King sure knows how to make people impatient.

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