Reign Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Tasting Revenge

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

Yeah, I don't care about her freakin' garden. I do care about how blindly contrary she's being when it comes to both Francis and Conde. Reign Season 2 Episode 16 is almost enough for me to yell, "Off with her head!"

I'm trying to be understanding and patient, I know she's been through a devastating trauma, a horrific violation, but I want the strong and sure Mary back. She doesn't even resemble the queen we once knew, the woman who'd royally kick ass and not think twice about it.

Not only does Mary continue to punish Francis, the man who loves her more than his own life, but she blindly trusts Conde, a man who doesn't deserve it. Conde is the kind of man who will always protect his own best interests. That means he will put himself first, not her, as witnessed by the final scene.

Francis on the other hand will, and has, given up everything for Mary. He made mistakes, no doubt. But what greater penance can he pay than sacrificing his very heart? And she didn't even look moved by his surrender! 

But if you sincerely believe that your best path to healing is at his side, I will not stand in your way.


That scene was crushing and Toby Regbo once again made our soul's bleed. It was maddening and romantic. He basically thrust his hand into his own chest, yanked out his still beating heart and laid it at Mary's feet. And all she can say is, "I'm sorry we've come to this." On second thought, "Off with her head!"

I'm sorry we've come to this.


If she's not careful, she'll be ready to take Francis back and he'll be with her best friend. Lola and Francis are sweet together and genuinely care for one another. They don't share the same kind of fiery passion that Francis and Mary did, but they share friendship, trust and a child. That's a sound foundation. That said, I was glad they decided to respect their mutual love for Mary and not reconnect. For now.

As for Lady Amelie, you know that will bite Francis in the butt as some point if only because Narcisse is involved.

Now the only happy love story is Leith and Greer and I do enjoy them together. It was interesting to have the shoe on the other foot, where Greer was the one being looked down on for her profession (the oldest profession!) just as she did to Leith long ago. I look forward to seeing where their tale goes, as I'm sure Leith will not want her to continue working as a madam. I for one am enjoying her new life and found her confrontation with "old shrivel" hilarious.

They killed my feelings for Bash and Kenna as they slowly killed their marriage. Neither one of them has been likeable for quite some time. Both are selfish for their own reasons and that makes it impossible for me to mourn their separation. May they both get new storylines and happiness elsewhere. 

Finally, I'm very glad to see that Mary learns of Conde's deceit in next week's preview. If the writers don't tread lightly, and start some reparations, they could potentially damage their viewership. I think fans are more than a little frustrated.

Yes, we know that true history will eventually send Mary to Scotland and that Francis will eventually die, but for all intents and purposes this is also a fairy tale and once upon a time they made us fall for a king and queen who shared a storybook passion and love for all time and that's what fans want.

It's also true that to keep things interesting there have to be some bumps in the road, and maybe you have to kiss a few frogs, but if things go too far the magic created can be lost and it might be gone forever.  

Should Reign not write an alternate history and actually kill Francis, I hope it will be an epic Romeo and Juliet send off for him. But, not yet. Not for a long time, I hope. 

If you missed Francis's ultimate sacrifice, or just want to see it again, watch Reign online

What did you think of Francis's sacrifice? Will the old "If you love something, let it go" adage prove true for him? Are you happy Greer and Leith are back together?

What about Bash's and Kenna's break-up? What do you hope will happen when Mary learns of Conde's deceit next week? 

Tasting Revenge Review

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Reign Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Amelie: As to your marriage, I've learned to live with wanting things I can't have.
Francis: Well, that's a lesson I'd like to learn.

And yet, here we are only two or three chess moves away from becoming a pair Bourbon kings.