Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 Review: Clarity

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That did not just happen.

For once, the ABC promo department didn't mislead us and Emily Thorne finally outed herself as Amanda Clarke. Yes, Revenge Season 4 Episode 18 was a game changer! 

Emily has finally had enough of everyone putting their life on the line for her. I can't deny that I felt a little annoyed when she was going to clear Daniel's name. This would have caused a great deal of misery for everyone involved. Her going this step further proved her loyalty to her friends.

Outing herself will help to deflect the heat from everyone else.

Let's give a HUGE thumbs up to Stevie Grayson! She let her Grayson side out this week and it was definitely needed. She verbally tore down Emily and stood up for her son. It's not often anyone sticks up for him, so it was thrilling to see.

Emily has really met her match with Stevie, and if Jack and Emily do ever decide to make a go of things, don't expect her to be the doting mother-in-law.

Jack: You weren't fair to Emily.
Stevie: She's not been fair to you. Over and over.

Louise was spiraling out of control, but I really can't blame her. Nolan has been lying to her face for weeks. He is the only person she trusts, but expect that to change. Alarm bells began ringing when he kept getting queasy every time she mentioned having kids with him.

If you ever question my judgement again, I'll make sure she finds you next.


Let's be real, Louise is deluded if she ever thought he would be her baby daddy. I'm not saying he wouldn't make a good one, but he took the words out of my mouth in his heart-to-heart with Jack when he talked about having a family with someone stable. Poor Louise heard all of that. There's no doubt Louise is on a one way ticket back over to the dark side.

What does this all mean for Nolan, though? Could she get revenge on him for calling time on their marriage? Possibly. She will most likely pair up with Victoria and set out to end Emily. That's if Victoria still wants Emily to pay. To be fair, though, Victoria will always find ways to bring trouble to Emily.

Thank God Margaux finally admitted defeat and decided her war against Emily was over. All it took was Lyman dying. The scene with her trying to stop the hit she put out on Emily was amazing. Courtney Love owned the role of she who must not be named (White Gold according to IMDB...shhhhh). She's made it obvious that Margaux knowing her identity is a problem. Let's hope she jet sets Margaux off on a one way ticket to France. Her story is so over.

Emily might have forgotten about Ben, but we haven't. His brother Kevin is a wise one. He knows something is about to go down with Jack and Emily and tried to warn Ben. I find it utterly ludicrous that Ben made detective. He isn't very good at his job, so I don't know who he thinks he's kidding that he has what it takes. He doesn't.

Did anyone else laugh out loud at Victoria's empty threats in the locker room? She should know that her name means nothing anymore and no one is scared of her. She is a shell of her former self and should get out while she can.

"Clarity" was a solid episode. It set the final stretch of Revenge Season 4 in motion, and for once, the show is moving in a direction that we could never have seen coming. It will be exciting to see what's next!

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What did you think of the episode? What's coming next? Will Louise go on her own revenge mission? Chat with me in the comments.

Note: Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 airs April 12 on ABC at 10/9c.

Clarity Review

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