Revenge Round Table: Emily Comes Clean

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Stevie turned on Emily, Nolan made a mess of his marriage and Emily waffled about whether or not to tell the truth about Daniel's death and so much more on Revenge Season 4 Episode 18.

Below, TV Fanatic staff writers Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Miranda Wicker and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate Stevie's rant against Emily, Nolan and Louise's breakup and whether Emily was right to come clean...

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

Was Emily right to recant her story about Daniel’s death?

Paul: I'm indecisive about this. Sure, it helped her come clean about who she is, but it kind of makes me wonder where the story can really go now. Daniel wasn't always the best person, but he died a hero and that should be known. 

Laura: I think it's interesting that Emily looks to be coming clean in more ways than one. I think that Daniel's death being cleared up is good but wonder what the ramifications of her honesty means for everyone...also maybe since she is being so honest in letting people know Daniel shot her it's like everyone forgot she was even shot! 

Ashley: Ah, I'm indecisive too. She has good intentions, but it feels like more reasons to lie and scheme and drag things out. If it was easy to clear his name, then I'd be all for it, but this isn't easy at all. 

Miranda: YES! Yes, yes, yes. For one million reasons, yes. This is the story they should've run with from the beginning. 

Christine: For Daniel’s legacy, absolutely and it was wrong to concoct that awful story from the start but Stevie was right. Jack would get into a lot of trouble for his part in all of this and I think it’s very unfair to him. Just because he’d practically fall off a cliff for Emily doesn’t mean she should keep asking him to do it.

Nolan "broke up" with Louise. Do you think she’s going to fall off the rails?

Paul: She's already started, but how far she falls remains to be seen. I'm guessing she is going to join up with Victoria and make his life hell for a few weeks, at least until he manages to pull her back in. 

Laura: I agree with Paul. Louise even asking about a baby shows how this marriage is defined to her. She said she wanted a family when Nolan only married her to help her with her family problems! I think she is going to be damaging to Nolan now.

Ashley: Oh my gosh, yes! I'm very worried about Nolan. Paul and Laura and right that it's already started, but I think we've just scraped the surface.  

Miranda: What an idiot move to pull before getting his hands on the jump drive! I wish they would write Louise out of the show instead of writing her back into the Victoria camp, as that is likely what will happen next. She's totally going off the rails.

Christine:  I found this so frustrating. I really liked Nolan and Louise as friends and partners. Having them on opposite sides is so cliche. I really wish they wouldn’t go down that road but it certainly appears to be where we’re heading.

Were your surprised that Stevie felt so strongly against Emily? Was her assessment of Emily’s effect on Jack incorrect?

Paul: I was shocked, considering she didn't act this way with her last week, but I believe she is correct. Jack's life would have been much easier if she had never revealed her identity to him. He always finds himself in trouble whenever Emily is around. Stevie was only looking out for her son. 

Laura: I agree Paul. Where was this behavior last week? But then again, she overheard what Emily was asking of Jack, and Stevie is well aware of the legal implications related to all of this, so she was right to stand up for Jack. What I found interesting was telling Jack that Emily was his scotch! I think all the men with Emily are scotch drinkers! Lol :) 

Ashley: I was pretty surprised. I think she had good intentions and I definitely understood the reasoning, but the motherly advice seems to be coming at a weirdly convenient time. As for whether or not her assessment was correct – absolutely! 

Miranda: That was a really odd scene to me. Stevie has never given any indication that she's anything but supportive of Emily up until that point and then she just...snapped. To go to David and tell David to keep Emily away from Jack? Weird. But she was totally right that Emily is Jack's glass of scotch. 

Christine:  Exactly. It’s not that what she was saying was wrong but it seemed to come out of nowhere. Maybe recanting her story about Daniel and exposing Jack’s part in the coverup was just one step too far for Stevie. 

Was there anything about the episode that disappointed you?

Paul: The action never really picked up until the final 15 minutes. It was a slow build up to that shocking final scene. It would have been much more satisfying if they placed it earlier in the episode to give us a taste of where the show is going for the rest of the season.

Laura: I agree with Paul again. The episode sort of dragged. The last five minutes were the highlight. I found it an odd place to have a conversation about a hit with Margaux, as well as Courtney Love shopping for expensive cars.

Ashley: I'll go with the crowd on it being a slow episode until the end, but I was also disappointed (or maybe just confused) by Margaux this week. Maybe I'm missing something, but I found it odd that she is getting her conscience back after lying about Emily's involvement last week. 

Miranda: Courtney Love was definitely a weird guest appearance, but other than that, the wait for the shocking press announcement was the most disappointing thing about the episode. I should've known we'd have to wait until the last five minutes. 

Christine: Margaux was confusing. First there was the hit on Emily. Then calling off the hit and the whole scene with Courtney Love was simply weird. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Paul: Jack's observation about Nolan and his "social worker". It made me laugh out loud.

Laura: First, I liked seeing Emily dressed in such a pretty dress and her hair looked amazing! It's been a while since she has been dressed up. I am not a Jemily shipper, but I did like Emily and Jack being together when she made her confession. They seemed to share genuine affection for one another!

Ashley: When Nolan says: "I mean this in the best possible way, but Emily Thorne was not built for good. She was built to clear her dad's name." 

Miranda: Because it feels like the tides are about to turn for Ben and Emily, I have to say I really loved their quasi-normal couple interactions. I didn't think Ben was going to grow on me but he has, just in time for him to be written out of Emily's life somehow. 

Christine:  I liked how Jack kept pushing Nolan to have an honest conversation with Louise about their marriage…now if he had only taken that advice!

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