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Victoria is looking at the clothes for Baby Daniel. She asks that they be returned. Margaux comes downstairs. Margaux comes clean to Victoria and says she should have listened to her weeks ago.

David shows up with a paper for Emily. Emily wishes she could reach out to Margaux. Ben walks in. He made detective. David quickly leaves when he shows up.

Louise is speaking about Lyman's funeral. Nolan tries to comfort her. Louise says she wants a baby. They could adopt one. She wants to have an honest marriage. Nolan doesn't appear too interested.

Victoria makes it clear to Emily she has the blood of Daniel and her grandson on her hands.

Nolan continues to see Jack's social worker. Jack questions him about how Louise is feeling about him spending time with another guy.

Victoria shows up to see Ben and gives him an ultimatum.

Emily says she has to come clean at the gala to make things right. David disagrees, but Emily makes the point that Margaux wasn't always like this.

Stevie calls Emily a train wreck and tells her Jack will not be collateral damage for her again.

Victoria goes to see Louise. Louise calls her out and says she is only there to hurt Nolan. Victoria questions this.

Jack complains about Stevie's treatment to Emily.

Nolan goes to the party with Tony and leaves Louise a voicemail lying about his whereabouts. Tony overhears and questions it.

Ben's brother, Kevin questions Emily about her past. Jack shows up at her door. He says he can't help her. Emily says without him, she has no story.

Louise informs Nolan about Victoria showing up. Louise questions the baby and Nolan gets uneasy and leaves. Louise looks at her tablet and notices a news report about Nolan and Tony.

Emily confides in Nolan about clearing Daniel's name. He shoots it down and says that Jack was right.

Stevie goes to see David and warns him to keep her away from Jack. Nolan confides in Jack about Lyman's death.

Louise hears Nolan's harsh words. Nolan gets home and thinks Louise is floating in the swimming pool. Nolan tells her it's time to call the marriage quits. Louise takes it surprisingly well.

Ben isn't pleased about Emily wanting to retract the statement.

Stevie appears at David's house and apologizes.

Jack shows up to give Emily moral support. Emily gets on the podium and comes clean about Daniel Grayson saving her. She also comes clean that she is Amanda Clarke.



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