The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12 Review: The Farmer Takes a Wife

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The Bachelor Season 19 finale is finally here! On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12 the farmer, Chris Soules, will take a wife! Or will he?

Whitney and Becca will both meet his family, and there's an ominous promo that has Chris wondering if he'll propose to anyone at all! (Whatever. He totally will. The Bachelor Spoilers say so PLUS ABC's promos are notoriously unreliable!)

Let's get down to our final +/- recap of the season and find out who won Chris Soules and a giant farm in Iowa!

With This Ring.. - The Bachelor

We're back in the studio with Chris Harrison and an audience of Bachelor superfans and former contestant couples. We're reminded once again that this has been the "wildest" season of The Bachelor ever and then Chris decides to introduce Whitney as the fertility nurse and Becca as the virgin.

Take a shot. Minus 3.

Seriously. Let's not spend the night talking about how Becca's a virgin. IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Chris is back home on the farm and feeling happy to be back in his very, very frozen element. Becca's from San Diego. How's she going to handle snow?

Chris likes that Whitney has told him she loves him but knows that his relationship with Becca has been a slow burn. His family will probably help him sort this out. Maybe.

Mama Soules wants her baby boy settled down and happy, but he has no idea what to do. "Just tell me which one to pick," he says. 

Whitney gets the first family date, and she's wearing some kind of skirt and tights in the snow. She has to kiss him a dozen times and tell him she loves him before going inside to meet his family. Again.

Whitney got to meet the sisters for the Cinderella date and she brings Mama Soules her own mom's favorite flowers. She has no problems jumping right into conversation with the family and tells them all she came to the show for Chris. Because she fell in love with him on TV when he was falling in love with Andi.

Then she tells them all she's in love with him and she appreciates being there and she starts crying and asks if they can just "cheers." 

Whitney sits down with the sisters and tells them she's ready to be a wife and a mom. Plus 2. She really just wants a family and it's sort of sad. Like, she's just dying for a family. 

But then one of the sisters start to cry because she's going to miss Whitney when Whitney leaves. What is happening? 

Chris sits down with his sisters and they just go straight to "is she the one?" They ask him what his hesitations are with Whitney and he says he doesn't have any. Except for the fact that he likes another girl too. That's kind of a big one.

Middle sister says "you came here to find a wife. You didn't come here to find a girlfriend." The sisters don't like that Chris can't articulate what he loves about Becca but they just sense defensiveness coming off of him when he talks about her. Red flags are flying in their heads.

Whitney sits with Mama Soules who just disarms the situation by holding Whitney's hands as she says "Why do you think you're in love with my son?" She says Chris makes her feel like the only girl in the world and everything coming out of her mouth just sounds...rehearsed. Like she's read these lines in a million girly books and she's just spitting them out here.

Seriously with the "I'm ready to call someone mom and dad." Enough with that. Minus 20.

After putting Whitney in the limo to send her two hours away back to her hotel, Chris hangs out with his dad and his brothers in law in the garage and keeps comparing Whitney and Becca. He says he can't really tell them if he's choosing between Whitney or Becca yet because there are things he doesn't know about Becca yet. 

One of the brothers makes a great point that what makes Becca so attractive is that she's playing her cards close to her vest. Plus 8.

It's Becca's day to come and visit the family and they're all sitting around talking about how hard it is to meet a second girl when they like the first one so much. 

California girl is in the house! Becca's met the sisters before too, but I don't think I remember that. 

She sits around at dinner and cracks jokes with them about how small Arlington is and they all take it well and joke along with her. Plus 10. Laughter is a good sign.

Becca's honest with the sisters when she tells them that she's not quite ready to say she's in love with Chris but she's definitely falling in love with him. She won't pack up and move just to see what happens, but she'd be willing to date long distance to figure it out. 

"I know what I feel and that's more important to me than what she's saying." That's what Chris has to say about Becca. 

The sisters tell him he needs to push her and have some hard discussions with her. He needs to push her on where she stands. That can't hurt. Unless it makes her run away.

Now it's Mama Soules' turn to sit with Becca in the same window seat where Whitney spouted her love. Becca tells Mama she's not sure how Chris is still single and Mama says it's because he's picky.

Becca says when she was faced with going home in Bali, she was miserable and Mama Soules tells her that's love. Plus 10.

Mama Soules tells her that this relationship is basically up to Becca right now if she's willing to take a chance. Becca starts crying. Poor girl. 

Chris walks her out to the limo and in her interview she says that she's totally overwhelmed and that the more his family brought up Arlington and long distance relationships, the harder it got for her. She realizes she's the one standing in her own way right now. Minus 3.

Chris and Becca need more time. Time that they don't have. 

Papa Soules, Gary, puts his money on Chris choosing Becca. Does father know best?

Before Chris has to make his decision, he gets one last date with each of the women. Becca gets the first date but so far she just shows him around the Al Capone suite in the hotel. 

She asks him how he feels and he says he wants everything that she can give him from her heart. She says she's falling in love with him but she's not there yet and he says that's not what he wants. He wants to know what thought she's given to their future.

She says she feels lots of emotions but she can't give him a timeline of when she'll be ready to pick up her life and move. He asks her what her five year plan is and she says she doesn't know. She wants to get married and she wants to have kids but she doesn't know when.

He changes tack and asks why she doesn't know if she's in love with him. She says she doesn't know. She knows she wants him but she doesn't know why she can't just tell him what he wants to hear.

She finally gets out that she's scared of Arlington. She's scared of packing up her life and not being able to figure out how her life there works separately from his life there. That's fair. It's a big move to a very, very small place.

Poor Chris is crying in his interview because this situation is so weird. He has two women falling in love or in love with him and he has feelings for both of them and WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO?

And now it's Whitney's turn for a date with Chris. He's bringing her to the farm to pick corn. She thinks his tractor's sexy, y'all. And she actually says that. 

Okay, well, she says HE'S sexy but they're in the cab of a tractor when she says it. She talks about "their" kids and it's sort of weird how mapped out this future she's imagined is. Then he takes her to his house and she is probably planning nurseries in her head. minus 9

In fact, if we hacked into Whitney's Pinterest boards, there are probably a few secret boards she might not want getting out just yet. 

He toasts to a "real" experience with her in Arlington and she says this is what it all comes down to for her. She feels at peace but also scared out of her mind. And she loves him. She's making sure to tell him that like she knows Becca isn't telling him that. 

After Whitney goes back to her hotel, Chris visits her there. He's waiting for a light bulb moment where he knows she's the one. She plays up the "I like the simple life" card and she says she loves being domestic and doing "small town" things but she seems to be neglecting the fact that there aren't any small town things to do in Arlington. minus 2.

In order to have a little more serious time together, she takes him into the bedroom and asks him if there are any final thoughts he feels about her and them. She asks what makes her feel so certain about them.

She says he always made her feel comfortable and they finish each other's....sentences. She can't explain it but she's just sure. She feels it. Then she says part of her is very confident because of where she is but she's scared. She knows there's nothing he can do about it, but she's really looking for some sort of confirmation from him that she's the one.

She starts to cry. Or she's on the verge of tears. So they just kiss because that makes everything better. 

Chris Harrison promised us a shocking twist we've never seen before on any season of The Bachelor and we're heading into Proposal Day. 

Oh look, Chris Soules shirtless and trimming his scruff. I'm not gonna lie. I'm actually happy he didn't just go beefcake it up in the gym for the myriad shirtless scenes in this show. Plus 10.

Neil Lane shows up with a box of rings so Chris can pick one for the girl he's not even sure he's going to propose to. At least he'll be ready. He hasn't even made up his mind!

Chris' proposal is going to happen in a barn which is basically perfect. ABC has made it positively gorgeous inside! Plus 10. For a barn!

Whitney looks on the verge of tears in the limo on the way. Becca looks sort of sad and unsure. Chris doesn't know if he's going to propose to either of them. 

I am literally, intensely on the edge of my seat waiting to see which woman gets out of the limo first and whether or not she's the one who gets dumped. You guys, the monologue Chris Soules is giving is intense!

Becca's the first one out of the limo and now I want to cry for her. Or for Chris? I don't know. I'm nervous. Super nervous. 

He says she gave him comfort from the moment he first met her and he can see a future with her. There's never been a moment where he's doubted what he saw between them. 

But she's not really ready. She's not ready and he has to go with his gut. Becca's not it. I am sad. This is sad. I need some chocolate.

Chris Harrison greets Whitney as she exits the limo to enter the fancy barn. She's totally ready for Chris to propose but Chris isn't certain he's ready to put a ring on it. 

She starts speaking first and tells him that everything has been leading up to this moment. She sounds nervous but I think she's just freezing. Couldn't ABC hook some heat up in that barn? Like the kind on restaurant patios? These poor people braving the elements for love. minus 10

Whitney tells Chris she loves him and then he says from the moment he met her, the time the crashed a wedding, it was perfect for him. Introducing her to his family was perfect. "It feels so right and it feels so perfect." 

Awwww, Chris tells Whitney he loves her! Now I'm crying because maybe this is the real deal and she's not just Cool Amy. 

Annnnd they're engaged! It's so sweet, really. Hooray for them! Plus 87

Every season I watch this show and make fun of it and every season I'm all invested in who gets picked and I just can't help myself.

Chris and Whitney are sitting in a barn watching the sunset over corn fields in Iowa. You go watch The Bachelor online, okay?

And now it's time for the After the Final Rose special during which Chris Harrison has promised a shock we've never seen before in the history of this series. Plus, the new Bachelorette's identity will be revealed!

Chris Soules says Whitney Shaw is the perfect person for him and he's ready for the two of them to be able to live their life in public instead of keeping everything a secret. 

But before Whitney can join Chris Soules on the couch, he has to get really awkward and talk about Becca. Chris Harrison asks if Chris Soules was in love with Becca and he says he was falling in love with her or he was in love with her. He doesn't know. It was something.

Whitney's been watching from home, but she's only watched the parts where she and Chris are together. That's a pretty smart move. Plus 8

Before Chris and Whitney can be paraded about on the stage, Chris has to talk to Becca because this is never awkward. He hasn't spoken to her or seen her since the barn in Iowa. They hug for just slightly longer than a couple who broke up maybe should. Minus 5.

Chris Harrison puts them straight on the spot and tells them to start talking. Becca says watching the episode was harder than she anticipated because she was in limbo during the whole thing. She wasn't madly in love with him but she was definitely feeling the relationship. They just needed more time. 

She looks at his mouth when he talks. 

Becca says after having watched the show back, she's not sure why she came on it when she's never been in love before and didn't have anything to compare it to in order to know why she wasn't able to say the things that Chris maybe needed to hear from her. 

Yeah, lack of experience would make things difficult. Ultimately, she's ready for a relationship now where she can fall in love with someone. 

They're going to bring Whitney out but first! First, Chris Harrison has to ask Chris Soules how difficult the conversation he just had with Becca was and whether he has any regrets after seeing her.

"Not difficult" and "no" were his answers. Plus 10.

Chris and Whitney greet each other on the stage to lots of kisses and she's probably crying but she's most definitely about to show her backside the world if she moves too much or too suddenly. 

This is the weirdest interview ever. Whitney is so nervous and out of breath and awkward in this interview. So out of breath. 

Chris says Whitney is like his sister. Whitney's looking for family to call her own. That's weird, right?

BTW still waiting for the shocking twist we won't see coming. Ashley S. is in the audience and if they announce her as the Bachelorette, that'll definitely be something twisty.

Whitney called her decision not to watch the season a "game time" decision. Chris Harrison keeps needling her about her thoughts on his other relationships and she's like "Uh, dude. Didn't watch. Don't care." Plus 7.

They're still planning for Whitney to move to Iowa, but for now, she's living in Chicago and he's in Arlington. So, long distance, which is what he would've been doing with Becca. Minus 10.

Maybe what Chris Harrison was talking about was the super cute clip of Chris' parents coming out to the barn to see them after he proposed. I don't think we've seen that before? 

Ashley S. is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Minus 4? Plus 4? She's crazy.

Arlington is a small place. In case that hasn't been covered enough. Whitney's been sneaking up there from Chicago to visit Chris and his family. 

Jimmy Kimmel has apparently followed Whitney and Chris Soules' journey from beginning to end and played a big part in it but I think that'd be Kaitlyn and not Whitney so this is odd. Kimmel cracks some jokes about Soules' underwear on the floor. 

Kimmel wants to know if Chris and Whitney have had any fights and if they've been making love regularly. "As regularly as possible." Did not need to know that. Minus 8.

Jimmy Kimmel gives them a cow. We've definitely never seen that before. And the cow's name is Juan Pablo. Plus 12

So now we're winding things down and the thing we've never seen before that we're going to see right now is the announcement of the newest Bachelorette. 

The lucky woman who will date 25 men at once and hope to find love is...Britt! And Kaitlyn! On night one, the 25 men who show up will get the say in who they think will make the best wife. So then we'll only have one? The guys will only date the woman they choose?

So confused.

What happens if Kaitlyn and Britt just decide to run off together?

"Sometimes I'm telling the truth when I say things on this show are shocking..." badumCHHHHH, Chris Harrison. This is going to be so odd and neither of these women seem invested in this cockamamie scheme being cooked up right now to ensure the ratings stay high and Kaitlyn does not seem keen on sharing the spotlight with Britt once again. 

Can't blame her one bit.


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