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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 12, Chris Soules introduces both Becca and Whitney to his family in Arlington, Iowa. 

Whitney is the family favorite thanks to her open nature and charming demeanor. She also professes her love for Chris repeatedly to all of them and that helps set them at ease.

Becca wins the family's hearts with her witty personality but tells the sisters she's not sure she's ready to pack up and leave California when she and Chris are still so new in their relationship. She would like the make sure she knows they're together forever before changing everything about her life. 

Chris' mother tries to help Becca see that she does love Chris but Becca is still hesitant. During his conversation with her, Becca eventually tells Chris that she wants him but she's just not sure if she can give him an answer on what's holding her back from being able to say she loves him. 

Whitney, on the other hand, continually tells Chris she loves him and she's ready to have his babies and move to the farm to be domestic. 

Chris Soules chooses to send Becca home during the proposal, leaving Whitney as his choice for a wife.

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