Arrow Photo Gallery: Saving Thea in Nanda Parbat

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Ra's finally makes Oliver an offer he can't refuse: He will restore that which his blade took.

We can assume from looking at the photos and reviewing the trailer of Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 that Thea Queen will not make it. The entire Arrow team and Malcolm Merlyn will follow Oliver to Nanda Parbat as Oliver turns to Ra's to restore the life he took with the aid of his Lazarus Pit.

There is a Priestess involved and Malcolm knows the soul can be irrevocably changed as a result of a dip in the pit, so he tells Thea she doesn't need to come back if she doesn't want.

Her frog-like leap from the pit either means she didn't hear him or she's clinging to life.

Felicity, meanwhile, will be heartbroken as a result of these recent events and will take matters into her own hands. That appears to mean a hook up with Oliver before he takes his place as the new Demon's Head. 

What that will ultimately mean for their relationship is anybody's guess, but a position such as Oliver is stepping into hardly seems fit for love. 

Flip around the photos, watch the video and make sure you're back here next week for a review of what is sure to be an emotional journey to save Thea Queen.

If you've missed events leading up to this point in time, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Welcome home Al Sah-him

Ra's al Ghul

Malcolm: The waters change a person in the soul. Even if they work, the Thea you get back would not be the one we lost.
Oliver: The one we lost because of you!