Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 Promo: Welcome Katana!

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Are you ready for Katana?!

That's by far one of the most exciting developments to come by way Arrow Season 3 Episode 22, "This is Your Sword." 

For those of you who don't know, Tatsu Yamashiro is more than just a pretty face, but a kick-ass masked crusader from the comic universe named Katana, as well. She's shown with Team Arrow ascending upon Nanda Parbat in her mask (and later getting flipped by her former husband, Maseo/Sarab.

The big story of the night appears to be Malcolm sharing the news of Al Sah-Him's impending nuptials with the team and their attempt to thwart the event. Felicity won't be snarky for long. If he's locking away his former life into a cage, we can assume it's his way of saying he intends on marrying as planned.

While I don't believe for a second Al Sah-Him is truly buying his own badassery or that he's under any influence of Ra's al Ghul, his team doesn't share that impression, as witnessed by Felicity's anguished cry about trust. She's been crying in anguish a lot lately.

Will the wedding proceed? Will Al Sah-Him and Nyssa form an alliance that will successfully change the League of Assassins from within? Find out! Be here shortly afterward for a full review of all the action.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Oliver: Malcolm, we need help.
Malcom: By all accounts, you were too good at allying yourself with Ra's and I don't think I carry much credibility with them.

Thea: Jason, I have a '67 Mustang that need a little work on it. Someone said you were the guy to see.
Roy: You came to the right place.