Arrow: Watch Season 3 Episode 22 Online

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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 you will witness the wedding of the century!

Will it be a marriage that remains in tact or is it one that is destined for ruin? Only time will tell.

As Team Arrow learns of a secret they can hardly believe, they all rush for Nanda Parbat to...something. What they hope to do once they get there, frankly, is a mystery. But arrive they do and they have one hell of a fight on their hands. We're talking take the plane from the sky kind of fight.

Who is there to greet them? Why Ra's al Ghul and his minion, Al Sah-Him. What does the dastardly duo want? To keep them restrained, of course!

Find out how if and how they might go about such a task when you watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic. Click below to get started!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Oliver: Malcolm, we need help.
Malcom: By all accounts, you were too good at allying yourself with Ra's and I don't think I carry much credibility with them.

Thea: Jason, I have a '67 Mustang that need a little work on it. Someone said you were the guy to see.
Roy: You came to the right place.