Bones Round Table: A Darker Booth?

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On Bones Season 10 Episode 13 there were surprises and life-changing decisions.

To break it all down, TV Fanatic writers Christine Orlando, Mary Kate Venedam and Ashley Bissette Sumerel are joined by Bridget Liszewski from The TV Junkies for a discussion of Booth's character, Arastoo's decision and a lot more.

Won't you join them for this week's Bones Round Table?

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Was there anything that surprised you about "The Baker in the Bits?"

Bridget: I was taken a bit off guard when Booth got so angry at Brennan about the photograph in the opening scene, but it soon became clear why that was, and it was then understandable.

Christine: That Arastoo didn’t even feel the need to sit down and discuss the options with Cam. I understand that in the end it’s his decision, but Cam was right – if he really wants to marry her, this was a major decision and she should have felt like she had her voice heard.

Mary Kate: Maybe the lack of discussion between Arastoo and Cam. As serious as they are, it's unfortunate that Arastoo didn't feel like Cam should know about this potentially life-changing trip. I understand it's his family, but his serious, potential fiance should be in the know.

Ashley: I was also surprised by Booth's reaction about the photograph. I understand why it was so important, but his reaction was kind of shocking.

What were your impressions of the first scene between Booth and Brennan when he was looking for the photograph?

Bridget: As I said I was taken a bit off guard, but then things made more sense. I was glad to see Booth's time in prison brought up again. Sometimes it feels as if that was swept under the rug a little too neat and tidy and it's more realistic that he'd still have some lasting effects from that experience.

Christine: Like Bridget, I was happy that this difficult experience was brought up. Being in prison couldn’t have been easy on Booth and I like that they acknowledged how it is still affecting him.

Mary Kate: I agree, the mention was out of left field. I actually had to remind myself that Booth was in prison. Of course, the scene made more sense once the case involved former prisoners.

Ashley: Like I said, I was surprised by his reaction. One of my favorite things about this episode though, is what everyone else has already said about the reminder of Booth being in prison. It was time to be reminded of that, and I like the way they worked that in.

Have you noticed any change in Booth's character this season? If so, how?

Bridget: We definitely saw the start of dark things to come for Booth here. It makes me very nervous, but at the same time I'm excited for them to explore this side of his character and see him deal with some demons. I also am a huge David Boreanaz fan, so I'll be glad to see him flex some acting muscles.

Christine: He seems to be struggling a bit. He’s such a law and order kind of guy and not only has he been forced to see things from the other side, but he had the “good guys” turn on him and throw him in prison. That’s going to color the way he looks at the world.

Mary Kate: Only at certain times. It was more obvious this episode because he had more of an understanding, or lack thereof, of the case. He reacted differently than he would've in a case where he didn't relate to the victim or suspect.

Ashley: I think prison, and all the other terrible things that have happened, have had a real effect on Booth. What I've noticed is that he isn't as playful as he used to be, and yes, maybe he's quicker to snap, too. I agree with Bridget that it's nice to see that side of him.

Did Arastoo make the right decision to go be with his brother in Iran?

Bridget: I think it was the right decision for him. He clearly had leftover guilt about his brother getting left behind and part of working through that is being there now for his brother. I'd like to think his relationship with Cam is strong enough to withstand this.

Christine: I’m not sure there was a right or wrong decision. I could understand the decision he made. He loves his brother and doesn’t want him to die alone. He wants to make sure he gets the best care possible. Yes, there’s a risk involved, but he feels it’s worth taking and I can’t argue with that.

Mary Kate: To be with his brother: yes. But, to put himself in that much danger was very risky. He also had so many people in the government who were telling him why it was bad. He had a one-track mind, to be with his brother, and the danger was just a back seat to being there for him.

Ashley: This is really a tough one. Like Christine says, I'm not sure there's a right or wrong answer, but I was upset that he didn't consider Cam more than he did. If he's serious about wanting to marry her, it seems there would have been more discussion.

Did you have a favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Bridget: I think my favorite scene was the one between Booth and Cam. I often forget that these two dated a very long time ago and are actually really close friends. So it was great to see Cam turn to him for advice when she needed a friend the most and I thought Booth's line about “If Arastoo can work with Bones, the Iranians are going to be a piece of cake," was just the break in tension she needed to start to see things clearly.

Christine: I hate to repeat what’s already been said, but I loved that scene between Booth and Cam too. It was a great throwback to their history and their closeness. When Cam needed an honest assessment she knew to whom she could go and that quote about Arastoo working with Bones was a great way to cut the tension.

Mary Kate: Rather than repeat the Booth and Cam interaction, which we rarely see, I liked Brennan making a joke about Aubrey. When she and Booth went to the bakery, she shared this gem:

It's a good thing you brought me rather than Aubrey. He'd eat everything here. Not literally. I'm just exaggerating.


Funny considering it is completely true.

Ashley: I was really happy to see the interaction between Cam and Booth, and that quote from Brennan actually made me laugh out loud! For the sake of choosing something different, I have to say, I love any time Hodgins declares he's King of the Lab:

Aubrey: You kind of stole my thunder there, Hodgins.
Hodgins: King of the lab, Aubrey.

What did you think of "The Baker in the Bits?" Did you have a favorite quote or scene, and what did you think about Arastoo's big decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Bones Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

It's a good thing you brought me rather than Aubrey. He'd eat everything here. Not literally. I'm just exaggerating.


Bound, sliced, and blown to bits? What the hell was this guy involved in?