Chicago Fire: Watch Season 3 Episode 20 Online

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Drama and comedy. Chicago Fire is back on track!

Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 20 sure was a turning point for the series. Mills is questioning whether he wants to stay at Firehouse 51, or leave, but what will his decision be? Will Casey and Dawson find themselves in some awkward situations after their tryst?

Someone goes bananas for bananas. WHAT?!

Yes, you read that right. An accident may or may not involve bananas. Casey must make a decision that will leave Dawson annoyed. Is another argument in store?

April takes a break from the hospital after the events with the grenade-wielding maniac, but will Severide find her before she leaves town for a while?

Someone is found impaled on a lamp post, but just how did they get there? Find out when you watch Chicago Fire online via TV Fanatic.

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