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Mills is told to suit up for squad because he has the all clear. He happily suits up gets ready for his first shift.

Dawson gives Casey back his shirt and he promises that she will get no special treatment from him, but she is shocked when she is put back on ambulance until the new guy starts.

Mills' family decide to move away to run the other restaurant left to them, but Mills refuses to leave, but when he has dinner with Rice, in which he speaks a lot about family, Mills decides that he is leaving.

Everyone from Firehouse 51 tries to make him stay, but his decision is final. They throw a leaving party for him, but he shocks Dawson by kissing her and telling her to go find him if she ever wants away from Chicago. She is confused.

Severide goes to see April, but is shocked to find she is no longer at the hospital. She is taking a leave of absence. She needs a break after the attack on the hospital. Severide doesn't want her to go and asks her to dinner, but she blows him off. She shows up at his place and they sleep together.

Chicago Fire
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