Full House Reboot Coming to Netflix?!?

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Are you ready for another Full House?!

TVLine is reporting that Netflix is this close to closing a deal with Candace Cameron Bure to reprise her role as DJ for a 13-episode reboot titled Fuller House.

The proposed series would also bring back Andrea Barber as BFF Kimmy.

Fuller House Coming

Full House stars John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget are being considered for guest arcs at the moment with Stamos in a producers role.

If you've been paying attention, in our Throwback Thursday post earlier today, we noted Full House went off the air 20 years ago in April 1995 still pulling in whackadoodle ratings at the time. 

You can check out our slideshow below and find out why other shows are making comebacks, as well (We're looking at you, Coach!). Keep your eyes on TV Fanatic and we'll bring you all the news as fast as we see it!

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