iZombie Round Table: In Clive We Trust

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We think Liv might want to hold on to those karate skills she inherited from that Chinese gang member. You never know when it will come in handy...

This week, iZombie Season 1 Episode 4 took a dip into the past, giving us a better look at just how Clive Babineaux ended up in homicide. But did learning about his morally murky days in the world of undercover vice investigations give you a case of the chills or the yawns? 

Our brilliant TV Fanatics, Terri Clark, Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald break it down for you. From Babineaux to bromance, we've got the latest thoughts on what worked for iZombie and what needs works. Hint: the shirtless Major scene worked. Just saying. 

Take a look and then add in your own answers to the comments section below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite scene/joke/quote?

Terri: I absolutely love that the place Blaine puts his brains and zombies on ice is called Meat Cute.

Stacy: I liked Liv trying to convince Ravi to move in with Major. I laughed when she asked him how much privacy does he need and what sort of perversions is he into.

Whitney: There were so many great scenes, but I think my favorite was the whole video store encounter. Liv and Ravi play off each other wonderfully and finding a "whorey" Memento was hilarious.

Amanda: Loved Liv asking Ravi what kind of perversions he had when trying to convince him to move in with Major.

Lindsay: "Her life is like the whorey version of that movie, Memento." Sometimes I actually have to pause this show to laugh for a solid minute or two before continuing.

Ravi and Major are now roommates. Do you think this was a good way to pull Major back into the plot?

Terri: Definitely! And I like the bromance brewing between them.

Stacy: Yes, watching them geek out over games and the TV was pretty great.

Whitney: I LOVE this idea! We need to know more about Major and having him move in with Ravi will be a good way to learn more about him and give him an identity away from Liv's ex-fiancé. Also, can a gratuitous Robert Buckley towel scene show up in every episode from now on?

Amanda: This was the only way for this to work, frankly. I wasn't sure how Major would continue to play a role, but having them become roommates is the perfect way to keep him around, provide a new buddy for Ravi, and it provides an obstacle to Liv's secret. Major will definitely have questions for Liv and Ravi eventually.

Lindsay: I think this was the perfect way to bring Major in, independent of Liv, and to maybe increase his likability by associating him with Ravi. Their nerd bromance is icing on an already perfect cake.

We got our first look at Liv's brother, Evan. Did you enjoy him and how he factored into the episode?

Terri: He's adorable! I hope we see him a lot more. He's a great light touch for the series.

Stacy: He was cute and could be good for a minor character, but I don't think he's someone we need around all the time. I wouldn't mind if he showed up periodically though.

Whitney: I know there aren't that many characters on this show, but sometimes it feels a little too crowded for me. When you have cases of the week, there's so much time dedicated to the one-off characters that the regulars can get lost along the way. So while Evan was nice enough, I don't need him to be a major character. He can visit once in awhile.

Amanda: I thought he was a cutie pie. I don't see him as a major character yet, but he'd be good as a minor one for now.

Lindsay: I did genuinely enjoy seeing him and Liv interact (it's always nice to incorporate the family members to get a better sense of who the main character really is) but I agree that he didn't exactly fit into the episode perfectly.

Did your opinion of Babineaux's character change at all with this new background information?

Terri: I think his backstory made him a far richer character, and he seemed a lot tougher than he did before.

Stacy: I did wonder why he didn't seem to have a real police partner. I liked the undercover backstory and it definitely helped to flesh him out a little more.

Whitney: Love me some Babineaux, and I liked the backstory, although it may have been a tad early for the crooked cop storyline. It would have felt like a bigger thing later in the season if we knew him a little better.

Amanda: I agree with Whitney here. This would have been a much better storyline had it been done later on. I figured he had gone undercover the second Liv had her first vision.

Lindsay: I too agree with Whitney. Liv's doubts about Babineaux would have packed more of an emotional punch if she hadn't just met him. Personally, the whole thing felt a little rushed to me. We got to learn so many important things about Babineaux, but it didn't leave a huge impression because we were speeding through it so quickly. 

Blaine's master plan is coming to light, but is he EVIL or just a good businessman?

Terri: There's no doubt he's a shrewd businessman. As to evil, I think he'll do whatever it takes to protect number one. Whether that just makes him bad or profoundly evil remains to be seen.

Stacy: Well, he's turning people into zombies, which is a pretty evil thing to do, but I do think his actions are motivated by money.

Whitney: Blaine is evil, pure and simple, but he's also very smart. He's found a way to turn a bad situation into a lucrative business, so he gets props for that, but he's also picking off street kids so anyway you look at it, he's pure evil.

Amanda: He's definitely a mixture of both. He's taking his zombie situation and making a business out of it. However, he is killing people, which is not going to make him Boy Scout of the Year. Also, how good was that opening scene?!

Lindsay: I'm with Whitney again. If Blaine were just turning people into zombies and turning a profit, I'd call him manipulative and cunning and kind of a sexy bad boy. But he's straight up murdering innocent shelter kids (RIP Jerome), and that's pretty damn evil.

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