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Blaine and his rich new zombie lady friend, Jackie, wake up in bed together and then attempt to look more human with spray tans and root touch ups. 

Liv visits Major, who is in search of a new roommate. She bumps into his new girlfriend Karin.

At the morgue, Ravi and Liv perform an autopsy on a member of the Blue Cobra Chinese gang. Babineaux orders her to stay out of the investigation, and she has a vision of him beating on one of the gang members. She also has to deal with their John Doe's paranoid tendencies. 

Liv's brother, Evan, stays with her for a while to avoid their overbearing mother. 

Blaine's big plan is finally revealed, as we meet a few more zombies that he's turned into his minions. They are his brain dealers, delivering food to the wealthy zombies he turned.

In Chinatown, Liv and Ravi look into the Blue Cobras. She has another vision and realizes that they're in the gang's headquarters. Then they spot Babineaux heading into the clubhouse. 

He reveals that their John Doe was in federal witness protection, but Liv still sees his warnings as a threat. 

Blaine's lackeys consider turning on him and starting their own brain business. They try to sway Jackie away from Blaine. 

When Liv sets up a roommate interview between Ravi and Major, she is alarmed to find that they actually hit it off. 

One last vision shows Liv that Babineaux has been protecting another under cover cop still inside the Blue Cobras. Together, they save the snitch just in time. 

Blaine discovers his minions rebellion, and he shoots them in the head and puts them on ice. He unfreezes two new minions and starts over. 

One of the Blue Cobras attacks Liv in her apartment, and she uses her newly acquired King Fu (and some Zombie powers) to defeat him. 

Ravi moves in with Major, and Blaine treats Jackie to free brains for tipping him off to his minion betrayal. 

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Don't startle them. They're thinking.


Oh, Jackie. I made you a zombie, but I'd never make you a whore.