Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Chapter Twenty

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When the going gets tough, the best thing to do is imagine you're fighting your enemy in a wrestling match.

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20, there were issues left and right, personal and professional, and a fight night at the Marbella showed how the imaginary feuds would play out in the ring.

The most prevalent issue: how does Jane co-parent with Rafael when they are no longer together?

Jane did her best to deal with the breakup by moving forward in the pregnancy. First, she focused on making her breech baby no longer breech. Those moments were entertaining to watch. It was obvious how Jane was transferring any distress onto that problem.

More importantly, the moments eventually revealed why she was persistent on finding a solution.

As always, Gina Rodriguez gave more reasons to love and care for her portrayal as Jane. It's hard to not have your heart break as Jane broke down to Alba when she had a realization that she would be raising her child on her own. I'll admit my eyes got a little teary.

Even as Jane was dealing with her own personal problems, she remained helpful to her family who had their own issues, starting with her mother's own breakup.

While Rogelio has his valid reasons for distrusting Xo, she seemed sincerely apologetic about kissing her ex, Marco. It seemed like Rogelio had no interest in trying to hear Xo's apology until she decided she would not fight for him anymore. 

His personal life was falling apart, but his professional life was returned to his former glory. Rogelio is again Santos! The character we first met him as returned from the dead and Rogelio couldn't have been happier. Rogelio needed to return to a career (and character) that he could thrive in and Santos is a perfect fit for him.

Jane's other dilemma was Alba's realization that Petra's mother caused her accident. Thankfully, Michael was there to help the Villanueva family, but of course, Petra found a way to weasel her mother out of an attempted murder charge. What made it worse? Petra found a way to poison Rafael's view of Alba's accident. 

Just when Petra was starting to become a better person, he mother destroyed all hope. Talk about a negative influence.

Another important aspect was the return of the crazy Luisa. Even though it was assumed that she had spent her time with Rose aka Sin Rostro aka her step-mother, she actually met someone new and returned to restore the Marbella. Luisa's crazy side was certainly around, but it was nice to know when Rafael needed her she was there. 

Luisa even gave some of the most important advice to Rafael about his dedication to the Marbella and Jane.

I get it. I just think you gave up the wrong thing.


Rafael may be hurting, but he needs someone during the tough time just as much as he feels he needs to push Jane away. 

The subtitles, per usual, were so on point. I loved showing everyone's anger percentiles during their frustrating points and relating it back to Jane's baby being breech. It's hard imagine that element of the show not being prevalent.

By episode's end, Jane felt she had to take a stand against everything that Rafael has brought into her life, including Petra, Luisa, and the Marbella in general. She wants full custody of baby. Rafael certainly won't let go that easy, though given Rafael's recent drama, it seems likely Jane's case would be in her favor.

How do you think Jane and Rafael will continue to navigate the end of the pregnancy? Should Rogelio forgive Xo? Is Petra's mother's influence destructive? With only one episode before the season finale, what do you think will come in Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 21?

If you've missed anything, you can catch up when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

Chapter Twenty Review

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