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After seeing Petra's mother at the Marbella, Alba remembers everything from her accident and who was the cause. Alba doesn't want to go to police because of her citizen status, but Jane is persistent. Petra welcomes her mother back into her life, but only to have someone there. Her mother plans to make it up to her.

Rogelio's former boss comes groveling back so he'll return to The Passions of Santos.

Rafael tries to get get Jane to forgive him. The baby is breech and needs to figure out a way to avoid a C-section. While still upset about the break-up, Xo asks Jane to talk to Rogelio. The Marbella is still in trouble and Rafael needs help. After disappearing, Luisa finally returns from a retreat, not from Rose, with a new girlfriend, a pro-wrestler. Luisa wants to help save the Marbella and takes back her shares from Petra.

At work, Jane runs into Petra's mother who now works at the hotel and confronts her and Petra about what she's done to Alba. When Xo discovers that Petra's mother pushed her down the stairs, they go to Michael for help after he helped Alba before. Michael goes to the police and when Petra finds out she goes to her mother. Her mother tells her the reason she pushed Alba was because she knew about the hostage.

Alba goes to the priest, Edward, she asked out to ask forgiveness, but instead ends up making a lunch date with him.

Petra and Rafael try to get Luisa to pick their plan for saving the Marbella. While waiting, Luisa decides to hold a pro-wrestling match at the Marbella to make some money. Petra and Rafael reluctantly agree.

Rogelio is happy to now be back in his starring role. Jane visits to talk to Rogelio, who feels betrayed because of how his other marriage ended. 

Michael interrogates Petra and her mother, who lie to him. Rafael sees Michael and Jane talking and doesn't look happy. At work, Petra's mother confronts Jane about Alba being undocumented and threatens to turn her in if the investigation continues. 

The wrestling match begins. Jane finally confronts Petra about her grandmother and Rafael steps in to stop. 

Rogelio and Xo finally talk about the break-up and Xo apologizes. Jane tries to find proof that Petra is in a lie. She, instead, discovers that Petra was holding Ivan in her room. Michael tries to get Petra to admit about Ivan being in her room. 

Rafael admits to Luisa that he needs the Marbella to succeed because he gave up Jane. Him and Luisa have a heart-to-heart about everything that have happened. 

Jane realizes she will be a single mom and breaks down to Alba about wanting to prove it. After trying for weeks, Jane finally is able to help the baby move out of breech. Ivan is called in and agrees to Petra and her mother's story for his safety.

Xo accepts the break-up with Rogelio. Michael wants Jane to be safe, still thinks there is something shady happening at the Marbella. 

At lunch with the priest, he admits there are feelings between him and Alba. 

Petra agrees to getting his mother a different job and promises she'll get Rafael back. Rafael believes Petra that Alba was mistaken something about the accident and frustrates Jane. She decides that in order for the baby to be away from Luisa, Sin Rostro, and Petra, Jane needs full custody and quits the Marbella.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Dina: We have a pitch.
Rogelio: Not that old evil twin cliche.

Jane, I assume this parent trap was your doing. I love that movie, but this is not going to work.