Manhattan Exclusive Clip: First Season Arrives on Blu-Ray & DVD With Great Extras

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WGN America is making a splash in the TV business as its hit series Salem just kicked off its second season and its period piece drama, Manhattan Season 1, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD today.

In the series, the mission at hand is the building of the world's first atomic bomb and we follow the flawed scientists (led by John Benjamin Hickey) and their families as the coexist in a world full of secrets and lies and the possible end to civilization.

The Blu-ray and DVD release comes with behind-the-scenes features, a look at the fashion and history as well as multiple audio commentaries with the cast and crew. 

Lionsgate sent over an exclusive clip from one of the extras on the release. Check it out and get your copy of Manhattan today!

The second season of Manhattan is set to air later this year on WGN America. 

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