Nashville: Watch Season 3 Episode 17 Online

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Oh baby!

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 17 Juliette is raging. Whether it's pregnancy hormones or something else, she's on fire and taking everybody and everything to task and the result is, whether intentional or not, kinda funny!

Meanwhile, Maddy has had enough of her new daddy and is running back to the man who raised her. That's going to leave a mark, isn't it? 

Sadie's potentially being booked at the police station and Juliette's baby shower is a bit of a ghost town. How the heck does it all wind up? Well, you can find out all about it when you watch Nashville online.

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

When Pete showed up, I was just so scared. I wanted something to just make feel a little bit more in control. A little bit safer. But I never thought that I would kill him. I did not mean to kill him.


Glenn: Sadie Stone shot her ex husband. Rayna's with her down at the police station.
Juliette: I cannot believe she would choose to shot someone on the day of my shower.