New Girl: Watch Season 4 Episode 19 Online

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Who doesn't love to sext??

We all love to sext, and on New Girl Season 4 Episode 19 Jess takes up the practice this week when she slips her bra over her shirt and goes to town.

What the heck? Okay, maybe some of us aren't really up on what sexting means. Jess, we're looking at you, kid.

Hot dogs, Armor hot dogs...come on, sing it with me! Well, sing something about hot dogs, because then you'll fit in at the local funeral parlor, much like Jess, Cece and Coach who burst into song at a wake. 

Nick and Schmidt are still in the bar business and it's going pretty well, and if you take the time to watch New Girl online, you might even discover Schmidt's real name, courtesy of his mom. Hey, it can't hurt to give it a look to see if we're right...

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