Supernatural: Watch Season 10 Episode 18 Online

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Charlie Bradbury is back and she's bringing with her the Book of the Damned!

Damn, that's a good thing, right? Of course, in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 18 the book is in code and even the translation is code. Hey, it's a good chance for Sam and Charlie to bond a little and try to determine if inside the code of codes there might be a cure for the Mark of Cain.

Did you hear the one about two lost angels on a road trip to find some grace? Oh, yeah, Cas and Metatron are on the road together in search of Cas' grace. Would you believe he gets it back? Would you believe there's a catch?

There's always a catch.

Make sure you watch Supernatural online to who's betraying who because you know that's always a thing.

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