The Flash Round Table: Not-Eddie Steals the Show!

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 19 Round Table, we're talking about the actors getting a chance to do a little something different because of the "everyman" meta this week, what worked, what didn't and a certain conversation between Joe and Capt. Lance in Starling City.

Join The Flash team consisting of TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Hank Otero, Tanya Moat and Carissa Pavlica as well as Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast for the discussion by dropping your own thoughts in the comments.

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

This seemed like Eddie's and Rick Cosnett's night to shine. What did you think?

Jim: I really enjoyed his performance over all. From the speech he gave Barry about how he was not a kid anymore to playing Everyman's dupe of him, he did a great job!

Andy: Eddie has been shining so much for the past two weeks – I'm so glad for Rick Cosnett because this is talent that you want to put to use as much as you can and he did so many good things in this episode. I'm glad that he told Iris part of the truth, even though it wasn't his secret to tell. But at the same time, Eddie never asked to be part of this so I am totally siding with him.

Hank: I've always liked Eddie to be honest. I wish they would give him more to do; he's this show's Diggle. It took me a while, but I now enjoy the fact he's in on Barry's secret. The two make a really great team!

Tanya: Like everyone else, I have really enjoyed Eddie/Rick Cosnett getting more to do. Before he was sort of a blank, cute face and now he's becoming someone I actually like and care about. I'm glad that he told Iris the truth that was his to share.

Carissa: I loved Eddie (and Not-Eddie) in this hour and it's about time he's not just on the sidelines but a genuine member of the team. Until now he's been lacking in love. Rick Cosnett has fabulous comedic timing and really great emotional chops, too. Here's hoping this is a sign of things to come.

There were a lot of memorable lines and scenes. What was your favorite?

Jim: I have to go with the one thing I would have done in his place, and that is Cisco getting a picture with Canary. I loved that she didn't seem to be joking when she threatened to kill him if he let the photo get out too, that was beyond adorkable!

Andy: Anything that Cisco said to Laurel and anything that Laurel said to Cisco. Can we please have these two team-up as soon as possible whenever Cisco becomes Vibe, please? I hope Oliver Queen watched this episode so he can learn how to appreciate Laurel instead of getting down on her all the time. Cisco's love for Black Canary was outstanding, so nice to see more people in this universe appreciate Laurel and what she does!

Hank: I think my favorite scene was faux-Barry coming on to and kissing Caitlin. I just loved her awkwardness and his aggressiveness. It was fun to see a different Barry, even though he wasn't exactly himself. The scene with Barry and Eddie sitting uncomfortably on the old lady's couch was a trip too.

Tanya: Never in a million years did I ever think this would be possible, but my favorite scenes were between Cisco and Laurel. More proof that Arrow characters need to occasionally pop over to Flash. I stopped watching Arrow this year, but I don't ever recall Laurel smiling so much and being so likeable.

Carissa: I have to agree on the Cisco and Laurel scenes, they were a lot of fun, but Eddie's turn as the shapeshift when he didn't recognize Iris and when the cops asked if they could do anything for him and he said, "Die," cracked me up. Really great delivery!

What did you think of the fight scene between The Flash and Eddie/Caitlin/Iris/The Flash ?

Jim: Decent CGI work, but I didn't understand why he became Iris when he went unconscious from the serum, shouldn't he have turned into himself? Also, why didn't they dose him with that crap the first time he was knocked out by Wells' taser?

Andy: I enjoyed the effects except for one moment and it's when Hannibal had just been injected with the serum. To me, the green/blue screen environment just didn't feel natural to me when he was shape shifting to everyone in his system, it looked wonky and out of place. But even the greatest special effects team can have one of those every once in a while so I'm not going to hold it over their head. The fights were pretty sweet, it was nice to see several of the actors getting to portray dark versions of themselves, do something that they aren't used to.

Hank: It's funny you mention that Jim, I thought the same exact thing... why Iris? Were the writers trying to find a way to feature her, or do they just go out of their way to find ways for us to hate her? The fight was a fun scene overall in my opinion. If I had one complaint this week, it would be smart characters doing dumb things. Why would Barry stop when Everyman turned into Caitlin? Did he have a brainfart and forget who he was fighting?

Tanya: Ummm … someone recently watched T2 and thought it was fun to mimic when the T-1000 morphed into all his characters before melting? I think the concept was probably much cooler than the execution.

Carissa: Whiners! I loved it. There's simply no other reason for them ever to fight like that (not could they) so this was just really fun escapism for me. I have to agree I couldn't figure out why he wore the Iris skin longer. It's not even the one he walked up on and he had no special recollection of her, repeatedly saying he didn't know who she was. So...odd.

Talk about the advice Capt. Lance got from Det. West's on love and forgiveness.

Jim: It was good advice in both directions. It makes me wonder if Joe will start to realize that Iris is in more danger not knowing who the Flash is.

Andy: You know, as much as I loved all their scenes together and what they taught each other, because this episode was taking place before all the craziness that has been going down on Arrow lately, we sort of know right away that Quentin failed to take in anything that Joe told him because of how he has been dealing with Laurel throughout the whole Public Enemy arc.

Hank: I thought it was about time someone talked some sense into Lance. It was great that it came from Joe, the two share a similar situation. I had forgotten The Flash characters would be visiting Starling City this episode, so I enjoyed everything about this investigation.

Tanya: Well, it was really on the nose. Obviously something both men needed to hear, but …. yeah. It was as subtle as hitting someone over the head with a hammer.

Carissa: I guess I like it because they really have no peers. Unless the visit each other, there aren't any other dads to chat with. The shows are very limited in scope as to who certain characters can bounce their problems off of and the conversation fit for that purpose.

Would you like to see Hannibal Bates pulled out of holding in the future? How and why?

Jim: "Everyman" – meh, not really. He's kind of a one trick pony when it comes to how much they can do with his ability. Once Cisco creates a self-adjusting armband that expands/contracts with his shapes, they can put a tracker on him and always know when its him anyway...

Andy: I don't know if we will get to see the character again specifically, but I'm betting that his shape-shifting abilities will come into play for Harrison Wells pretty soon.

Hank: I'm with Jim, leave him where he's at. Again, this meta-human's powers made our smartest characters look super dumb this week. Barry knowing Eddie was locked up at the station, but accepting that was him at Joe's door... seriously? Or Caitlin developing an inhibitor to stop Everyman, yet falling for Barry's advances. Anyway, I wasn't a fan of this baddie... on to the next meta!

Tanya: I agree, Hank. Our smartest characters acted unbelievably dumb this week. Smart people can absolutely do dumb things but generally it makes sense. Here, it just seemed convenient to the story. Caitlyn and Barry kissing? There is no way that I believe the moment fake Barry locked lips with her that she wouldn't have known that it was Hannibal. Caitlyn and Barry have excellent chemistry together but it's buddy chemistry, not romantic.

Carissa: See, I liked him because it gives the actors a chance to do other things. For that reason I'd love it if he teamed up with the group and wasn't evil. When he revealed himself, he didn't look too evil, really. Just misunderstood. It would be neat if they used him on cases when someone needed to be two places in one time to get more of those fun character misdirects we talked about above.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Laurel: Cisco, I know Barry's The Flash and Oliver's the Arrow.
Cisco: [laughs uncomfortably] HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?
Laurel: Because. I'm the Black Canary.
Cisco: Stop.
Laurel: It's true.
Cisco: You stop it right now. No! [laughs hysterically]
Laurel: Calm down.
Cisco: you. I mean, I love the way that you beat up criminals and...wait. Why are you telling me this?

You're good, Barry Allen, you're very good.