The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Will Damon Take the Cure?

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Caroline has her humanity back and Damon wants to take the cure. Those were the major developments from last week's episode of The Vampire Diaries. 

How do Crissy Calhoun (author of Love You to Death), Paul Dailly, Amanda Steinmetz, and Miranda Wicker feel about Damon's decision to become human in order to be with Elena literally until death do they part? We're glad you asked!

Check out the TV Fanatic Round Table below for our answers and then sound off in the comments with your own.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19?

Crissy: The totally unnecessary "Matt changes his shirt" interlude — what was that? I enjoyed Caroline's incredibly blunt takedown of Elena and Damon's fantasyland, but my top moment was Caroline's heartbreaking gets-her-humanity-back moment, mourning Liz anew.

Paul: Caroline giving Elena the verbal beat down. It was hilarious and heartbreaking, if that's even possible. Elena was furious!

Amanda: I also loved Caroline's bluntness about Elena. That was fun. Emotionally, seeing Caroline turn her humanity switch back on and realize she destroyed the last line of communication from her mother was so sad. 

Miranda: OMG, Crissy! That scene! Did Matt finally make manager? (No. Apparently not.) Caroline's humanity coming back is maybe one of the best humanity flips we've ever seen. Can we get Candace Accola a People's Choice Award now?

 What did Liz's letter to Caroline say?

Crissy: So tragic that we'll never know! I can only imagine Liz wrote all the things that Caroline needed to hear — especially about her not being a monster, despite being a vampire.

Paul: It would have told her how to manage without her. Knowing this show, the letter is on the other side, or in a prison world and will resurface before the season is over.

Amanda: There's no way to know for sure, but I assume it was heartfelt but hopeful. I'd imagine Liz would tell her how much she loves her, but that she'd also include the hopes she has for Caroline's future and her happiness. 

Miranda: First, Elena should've known Caroline better than to give her THE ACTUAL LETTER. Hello, she's a humanity free vampire! It will take more than just seeing her mother's handwriting to flip her back. Second, I'm sure the letter said all the things we've heard Liz say to Caroline throughout the years, that she's a good person, that Liz loves her, but it was a tangible thing Caroline would be able to keep long after her mother died. Ugh. So sad.

Will Caroline and Stefan get together as humanity-having vampires?

Crissy: I bet they will.

Paul: I'd like to hope so. They have been on a journey together and I want a pay off.

Amanda: Yes, for sure. They just might not for a little while until Caroline can come to terms with everything that's happened. 

Miranda: Sooner rather than later, I'm sure.

Are you surprised that Damon wants to take a cure?

Crissy: Well, he sure didn't want to back when the cure first appeared. I guess his love for Elena makes anything possible... Ahem. 

Paul: Yes, but it made sense. Back when the cure was in play in Season 4, he could have been skeptical, but knowing that it does actually work could have piqued his interest. He doesn't want to have to find a new lover every 50 years. Who would?

Amanda: Damon's relationship with Elena has changed since the cure was in play back in The Vampire Diaries Season 4. Their relationship has deepened. It's not surprising he would want to take the cure with her because as much as he loves being a vampire, he loves Elena more. 

Miranda: I actually really love that he wants to take a cure and become human to be with Elena. He never really wanted to become a vampire anyway, you know? So I'm not surprised, and I'm actually really hoping it happens.

How will he convince Bonnie to go back to 1903?

Crissy: I'm really hoping Bonnie holds her ground on this and destroys the ascendant.  

Paul: I'm with Crissy. No more prison worlds.

Amanda: Have somebody else do the heavy lifting for once! 

Miranda: Watch Bonnie have a long lost Bennett cousin appear and one of them will con her into doing the spell. Or Kai and the Heretics will figure out how to get out and Bonnie will have to do the spell to put them back.

Is Lily about to head out on a bender?

Crissy: Maybe? She seemed pretty upset about her ripperdom — we never saw Ripper Stefan in tears so shortly after a beheading — so maybe Enzo will be her sober coach until her witchpire friends show up... Or maybe we'll get a rampage in the lead-up to the season finale. Only three episodes left! 

Paul: Probably, but I'm so over these vampire benders. Calm down, vampires.

Amanda: I'm not sure. Her reaction was slightly confusing. 

Miranda: It was really great to see a humanity-having vampire go Ripper and then feel guilt about it. Plus, this might finally give Enzo something useful to do. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20 airs Thursday, April 30 on The CW at 7/8c. Don't forget to watch The Vampire Diaries online right here to be sure you're all caught up!

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