Bones Round Table: A Tough Road Ahead

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We knew it was coming. Booth's gambling problem is rearing its ugly head, and now he has put his family in danger.

On Bones Season 10 Episode 19, a bookie threatens Brennan and Christine while Booth is away in Iran. When he finally arrives home, Brennan gives him one chance to tell the truth – and he doesn't.

This week, Bridget Liszewski from The TV Junkies joins TV Fanatic writers Christine Orlando, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Mary Kate Venedam for a discussion of "The Murder in the Middle East." Won't you join?

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

1. Were you surprised that Booth lied to Brennan when she asked about his gambling?

Bridget: I wasn't really surprised, but more hurt by it. It just showed how deep he is back in his addiction and how out of character people act when it comes to addiction. It personally hurt me to see Booth lie straight to Brennan's face like that. But I'm really glad the show isn't shying away from showing all the ugliness that comes along with addiction.

Christine: No. He’s an addict and he’s going to try and hide his failings as long as he can. Unfortunately, telling the truth was the only thing that could have saved him.

Mary Kate: Not really. He's an addict. I think he thought he could get away with it until Brennan told him about the bookie. He is in such denial about his problem, he doesn't really see the issue in his lying.

Ashley: I'm with Bridget in that I was more just hoping he'd be honest. I'm sad that he wasn't, but as far as the a story is concerned, I'm glad because I think it's going to be interesting to see them go through this.

2. Was Brennan right to ask Booth to leave?

Bridget: I fully support Brennan's decision to ask him to leave. When his addiction threatened her daughter that was the last straw, as it should be and her maternal instincts kicked in. Maybe this will give him the wake up call he needs.

Christine: Oh, yes. Booth may not have meant to, but he put Brennan and their daughter in serious danger. Worse, he’s still trying to justify his behavior. Hopefully kicking him out will force him to take a real look at himself and see how far down the rabbit hole he’s fallen.

Mary Kate: Sure. I definitely didn't see that coming. I thought she would try and help, but she decided to lay down the law immediately. I don't blame her since Booth's bookie made a blatant threat against Christine and her. Mama bear was protecting baby cub even if that meant Booth had to leave.

Ashley: Part of me wishes it had gone differently, but with a child in the mix, I think she was right.

Heading To the Middle East - Bones

3. How do you think Booth and Brennan will deal with this struggle, and how will Aubrey play a part?

Bridget: While this whole ordeal really pains me to watch, I'm actually really excited that the show is delving into this and interested to see how Booth and Brennan respond as a couple. They've never had to deal with this before, where Brennan can no longer count on Booth. He's always been the one there for her, and she won't be able to lean on him here. That's where Aubrey can come in.

Christine: I like that they’re taking a hard look at Booth’s addiction because addiction is something that never goes away. Booth’s family and career are on the line, and it will take both Brennan and Aubrey to help pull him back from the brink.

Mary Kate: I think Brennan's going to try and lay down the law. Aubrey is going to be the one to help Booth if Brennan can't, and he's going to be a lot tougher on him than she would. I can see it being a tag team effort between the two.

Ashley: It's going to be a tough road, but I think it will ultimately bring them closer together once they get through it. I agree with Mary Kate that Aubrey is going to be there in a way Brennan can't, and he's going to be able to be more honest.

4. What did you think of the case this week, specifically with Booth, Cam, and Arastoo working in Iran?

Bridget: Honestly, the case of the week stuff was almost background noise to me, as harsh as that sounds. I was just so interested in how Brennan was going to react to learning the truth about Booth that I didn't concentrate much on this. But Arastoo and Cam have always been a couple that, despite vast differences, allow love to conquer all and that was certainly the case here as well.

Christine: I liked it. I’m not sure how realistic it all was but it was a fun change of pace, but I couldn’t wait for Booth to get home and face the music with Brennan.

Mary Kate: I liked it. It was different than what they have done this season and that's good that they can go out of the box in Bones Season 11. I liked how the situation had Cam and Booth together because you forget that 1) they dated and 2) they've known each other longer than anyone on the show so it was nice to go back to that.

Ashley: I really enjoyed the case because it was something different, and because it portrayed a different culture. Like Mary Kate says, it also gave a chance for Cam and Booth to work together, which was nice to see again.

5. Did you have favorite quote or scene from "The Murder in the Middle East"?

Bridget: Even though it was painful to watch, my favorite scene was the last one where Brennan finally confronted Booth. I was glad that she wasted no time and didn't let things fester. When she started off by reminding him how great a man he is and how great what he had just done, helping Cam, was it shows she still loves him very much. However, as I said, his issues have threatened their daughter's life and that is just NOT OK. This is going to be rough coming back from, but I have no doubt they will.

Christine: What I loved was that Brennan sent Christine to her father’s after Jimmy showed up. I know it was off screen, but I loved that she made that decision because her father is the one person who would do absolutely anything to keep that little girl safe.

Mary Kate: I liked the stuff with Aubrey and Brennan. Even though Aubrey hasn't been apart of the Bones family for long, he is making it an important part to help Booth and Brennan with his gambling addiction. I'm hoping we see more stuff between Aubrey and Brennan with this story.

Ashley: I agree with all of those, but for a different one, I'm going to say when Cam stuck up for Arastoo in Iran. That was really powerful.

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