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Booth gets a call about his gambling, which he takes in secret. Then, he asks Brennan what seems to be a random question about baseball, though it has to do with how he'll place his next bet.

Meanwhile, Arastoo calls Cam with good news about his brother just before being kidnapped.

Cam calls the team for help, then decides she's going to go to Iran to help Arastoo. Brennan wants to go, but Booth insists on going instead.

While Booth is away, his bookie comes by the house and threatens Brennan.

In Iran, a member of the Iranian parliament insists that Arastoo helps with a murder investigation. The victim is his son. Booth and Cam help with the investigation under threat of being sent to prison.

When Namazi realizes his son was not living as he should have been, he calls off the investigation. Booth, Cam, and Arastoo convince him to let him keep going anyway. They find the killer, and Namazi ends up apologizing to all of them.

Aubrey helps Brennan with Booth's bookie, finally planning to get him the money to pay off Booth's debt. Brennan leaves Christine with her father.

Booth arrives back home safe, and Brennan asks him if he's been gambling. He lies and says no, until she brings up his bookie. Angry, Brennan insists Booth leave.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

You always tell me to be precise. 'Soon' is not precise.


I don't tell my name to strangers. I tell strangers that my daddy works for FBI.