Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?

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The verdict is in: TV Fanatics are less than thrilled with the aftermath of Derek's death.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 22, there was a glimpse of his funeral, which was followed by Meredith taking off - and then a massive time jump.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam, Amanda Steinmetz and Ashley Bissette Sumerel as they tear apart break down "She's Leaving Here."

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Is Meredith's way of dealing with Derek's death what you expected?

Stacy: It wasn't shocking. Retreating is in Meredith's blood, and she needed to get away. I figured she was pregnant and I can see that being too much to deal with all at once.

Mary Kate: Yes and no. It makes sense that she would hide from everyone around her, but I didn't think literally and for that long.

Amanda: Sort of. I figured she would separate herself from everyone, but I wish we got to see what her life was like during all those months away from Seattle.

Ashley: I agree that it wasn't shocking for her to want to retreat and be alone, but I was surprised at how long she was gone, despite the pregnancy.

 How did you feel about the time jump as a way to show how all of the characters are moving forward?

Stacy: It was useful. They did a similar (though shorter) one after George died and it was effective. Time jumps are pretty much necessary after characters die so the story can move forward.

Mary Kate: It was super depressing. No one was happy. I understand that everyone was dealing with Derek's death, but I didn't like how for 3/4 of the episode, even as time passed, everyone had these super depressing storylines that were outside of Derek's death.

Amanda: I didn't like it. I understand doing a small time jump, but it left me with questions: What have Alex and Jo been doing this whole time? Do Bailey and Ben only talk about pulling the plug on each other on major holidays? Was Meredith only in touch with Cristina? You know she had to have been because Cristina would have been worried about her missing friend. I just really didn't like that everyone had to be sad for an entire year.

Ashley: Like Stacy says, it was useful to move the story forward. However, I think it was too much for one episode, even though it was two hours long. I wanted more focus on Meredith, and Derek's death in general (like, maybe a funeral). Stylistically, the time jump was a lot like the one after George died, so I did appreciate that detail.

Besides Meredith's, which story line did you most enjoy in this episode and why?

Stacy: I wasn't really that into most of the episode to be honest, but for whatever reason the scene that got me choked up was when Callie started crying after her patient walked using Derek's nerve sensors.

Mary Kate: Ummm..there wasn't much, like I said before, it was just so sad in a way I was not expecting. If I had to choose it would be Callie because she had the first reaction to Derek's death and actually feeling it. I also liked the more upbeat scenes. Alex, Maggie, and Jo's Thanksgiving and Alex's Christmas party made it seem more like Grey's Anatomy, which I enjoyed. 

Amanda: I think "enjoy" is the wrong word. I guess I'd go with Amelia, because while her response to Derek's death was predictable, I did appreciate the scene where she finally broke down.

Ashley: Richard and Catherine were my favorite. I loved that Catherine finally opened herself to getting married to him, and that she put on such a big production for the proposal. I love those two together.

What was your favorite quote or scene from "She's Leaving Here?"

Stacy: As I said before, the scene with Callie had the biggest impact on me, but I also loved pretty much every scene with Alex. I loved that he kept calling and that he showed up as her emergency contact. Coming to the rescue with food at Thanksgiving and his attempt at hosting Christmas were great, too.

Mary Kate: Caterina Scorsone was phenomenal in her last two scenes with Richard and Owen. I was curious how they would show Amelia react to Derek's death and for most of it, she didn't. When she finally did, it was heartbreaking, especially the scene with Owen. I'm so glad they had that moment and that he helped her feel Derek's death.

Amanda: Definitely Amelia breaking down in front of Owen. Caterina Scorsone's acting was heartbreaking.

Ashley: The Amelia and Owen scene was also my favorite. I'm glad it was Owen who was there when Amelia needed it most, and her breaking down was so incredibly emotional. Kudos to Caterina Scorsone. She's amazing.

What were your overall impressions of this episode... or is there anything else you want to say about it?

Stacy: I think it was one of the strangest episodes they've ever had. I liked all the flashbacks and the ending with Meredith returning to the hospital was a good way to move forward, but so much felt out of place. I didn't really like the April story line, but I'm glad Jackson finally got some screen time. I thought Amelia did a great job in this episode, especially her scene with Owen when she finally broke down. It reminded me of Cristina after George died.

Mary Kate: First thing's first, I am so against a future Alex/Meredith pairing. No, no, no. They are friends; he is her person, not romantic person. Overall, the episode was not what I thought it would be. Like most everyone, we were expecting to see a funeral and remember Derek. Instead, nothing. In the first 10 minutes, the news was broken, the funeral happened and Meredith was gone. For such an important character, it was not the way Derek should've been honored. The last half hour was good, I just wish we didn't have to watch a two hour episode to get there.

Amanda: Watching the entire episode felt weird. Skipping over the funeral didn't sit right with me, but I understand why they did it. We would have had to have seen Addison and Cristina there. It just wouldn't be believe for them to not attend. Even though the characters have spent all these months grieving, the audience has had a week. It feels like we're just supposed to be over Derek's death now, but I don't think the character was honored properly. Mary Kate, I don't think they were hinting an Alex/Meredith pairing. That would be way too strange.

Ashley: I just think it was a disservice to Derek. I agree with Amanda that I understand not showing the funeral if Addison and Cristina couldn't be there, but I also think those two characters should have been there, somehow, some way. Overall, I think they were just a lot of missed opportunities, and the episode tried to do too much.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? Share the answers to our questions in the comments below!

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