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We pick up where we left off, with Meredith letting Derek go, but there's a different perspective. It seems Ellis Grey is narrating the episode.

Meredith arrives to the hospital and tells everyone Derek is dead. Then she passes out.

Bailey is in tears, and Amelia is in surgery so she hasn't yet heard the news. After surgery, Owen has to break the news to her.

There's a glimpse of the funeral, then Bailey and Ben talk about what they'd want if something happens to either of them.

There are flashbacks of Derek and Meredith, and a comparison of Zola to young Meredith. Meredith gets the kids and takes off.

Everyone gathers at Meredith's house, worried that she has taken off. Alex keeps trying to call.

There's a time jump to Easter. Callie's patient is a guy she went on a date with, and he insists he will make her fall in love with him.

April insists on going away for three months with Owen to help with the war.

Richard tries to propose to Catherine, but she stops him and talks about practical considerations.

Time continues to jump, and we see Bailey and Ben watching scary movies on Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of the doctors. Meredith is still gone, and so is April.

We finally see Meredith, and it turns out she is pregnant with another baby. She's somewhere where there is a beach, and she watches her kids play.

April finally comes home, and she is fine. Meanwhile, Richard worries about Amelia. Amelia finally starts to get emotional, revealing taht she's working hard because she doesn't want to lose patients like the doctors that lost Derek.

Owen is back and visits Amelia. Amelia tells him she has pills but hasn't taken them. She finally breaks down.

Meredith has a complication with her pregnancy, and Zola has to call 911. Alex visits Meredith in the hospital.

Catherine proposes to Richard in the hospital in front of everyone.

Meredith comes back home with all three kids. Amelia stays there and helps. Meredith has pizza with Maggie and Alex and finds out what she missed while she was gone.

She goes back to work, and starts wearing his scrub cap.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 22 Quotes

If Derek saw this, he would roll over in his grave. Can you actually do that? Roll over in a grave? I mean a casket's pretty snug; there's not a lot of room to move in there. More like shake.


Amelia: Who died? I know the face. I've been here before. Everyone thinks they are the first person in the world to look at a human being like that, but it's always the same face. Who is dead?
Owen: Derek. It's Derek.