Revenge: Watch Season 4 Episode 23 Online

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It's a series finale, so do you get everything tied up in a neat and tidy bow?

Sure you do! After all, it's Revenge Season 4 Episode 23, not The Sopranos! There were "Two Graves" and guess who was in them. Guess.

Did you say David? Score! Did you say Victoria? Score! That's hardly a spoiler because the writing has been on the wall for weeks.

How they got into their respective graves and who else got injured in the process, however, is quite the tale and one you may want to discover for yourself when you watch Revenge online. You'll also want to see see who gets married and rides off into the sunset.

Literally. There's a sunset and people ride off into it. Don't waste anymore time. Click now to get started!

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

You're not going anywhere Miss America's Most Wanted!


When I was a little girl the delineation between good and evil was as clear as night and day. But as life grows complicated that line blurs and we learn to justify our actions when we believe we've crossed it. If we aren't careful, those choices can fill us with darkness leaving us destined to never see light again.