Bones Round Table: Will Hodgins and Angela Really Leave?

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We're back for another Bones Round Table, and there's definitely plenty to talk about!

On Bones Season 10 Episode 21, Booth makes progress in dealing with his gambling problem, and Hodgins and Angela decide to move to Paris.

Join TV Fanatic writers Christine Orlando, Mary Kate Venedam, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel, as well as Bridget Liszewski from The TV Junkies for a discussion of "The Life in the Light."

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

1. Why did you think Booth didn't want to invite Brennan to his 30-day sober celebration? Were you surprised when he explained his reasoning to her?

Bridget: I think he was embarrassed a bit by it all. He's not one to have a fuss made over him, and he just wanted to put in the work and do what he has to do in order to be able to move on and back in at home. So his explanation made total sense to me.

Christine: I think he’s right. He has a lot more work to do and this is only the beginning. On the flip side, 30 days is a big first step, it should be celebrated, and Brennan should be there. Whether he fails or is victorious in this battle, it all affects Brennan and their life and both will be experienced together.

Mary Kate: I think he was still ashamed of what had happened and the reminder of how he had hurt Brennan makes him feel worse about everything. His reasoning made sense because it's obvious how horrible and guilty he feels. He still should've invited Brennan to the celebration, but I think he felt like it was more of a burden than anything.

Ashley: I agree. He's not one to have attention on him in that way, so I think he felt awkward, but I also kind of knew before he told her that he felt like it wasn't quite enough.

2. Did you expect Brennan to let Booth come back home?

Bridget: I did figure they would have that happen pretty soon. There's only so many episodes left in the season, and they weren't going to let it drag on much longer. That being said, I do think they paid this story proper due and was glad with the time they've invested in it.

Christine: I thought there was a strong possibility now that Booth reached the 30-day mark. You could see that Brennan was struggling with the decision throughout the episode.

Mary Kate: I expected it would come soon, but I don't know if I expected it to come that night. It was sad to see Brennan start to break down before inviting him to come home. She looked both scared and happy all in one.

Ashley: I don't know. They were definitely making progress, and hitting that 30-day mark was an important step, so I'm glad she asked him to stay the night. I agree with Bridget that the story was given it's proper due, but it was also time to start wrapping it up.

3. What did you make of the scene when Angela told Brennan she and Hodgins were moving?

Bridget: I love any scene we get between Angela and Brennan. Their friendship is one of the best things about the show, and Angela plays a huge role in Brennan's life. I think it's going to be really hard if she does move on. I did have to laugh when she said "I'm only a plane ride away." Umm... but that's QUITE the plane ride Angela!

Christine: It was heartbreaking. Every decision comes with pros and cons, and moving to Paris is no exception. Angela gets to live her dream, but it will mean leaving her best friend, and that’s painful for both of them.

Mary Kate: I loved that moment. It was so nice to see the friends have that moment because it is so far and few between, and you really see how much Brennan relies on Angela as a friend after so many years.

Ashley: So sad, but so important! I think it was a perfect scene for the two of them, and like Mary Kate says, it shows how important Angela is to Brennan.

4. What are your hopes for the remainder of the season?

Bridget: I'd like to see Booth and Brennan continue to work on their trust issues and get to a nice solid state to end the season. They need to be in a good place for me going into next year when their new baby will arrive.

Christine: I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re bringing Pelant back into the mix, considering he’s dead. I’m also wondering if the new baby will make an appearance before the season ends.

Mary Kate: Mostly that Angela and Hodgins realize that their home is in D.C. and that they should stay. I can't see that show continuing without them because they have been apart of it for so long. For Booth and Brennan, I hope they get back in a good place before new baby B arrives.

Ashley: I'm with Christine. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Pelant. And I also hope things are going well for Booth and Brennan when the baby comes.

5. Did you have a favorite quote or scene from "The Life in the Light"?

Bridget: I liked that in the end it came down to Brennan having to trust her gut and take a leap of faith on Booth. We all know Booth has always been the one about faith and trusting your gut so it was nice to see Brennan do it here. I also loved when she said she's in this fight with him and that means also sharing in his victories. Something tells me these two kids will be OK after all.

Christine: I liked how Brennan came to realize that if she waited to be certain about the future to make a decision about Booth moving back home, she’d never make that decision. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Mary Kate: I liked the scene at Booth's celebration when he saw Brennan came. Even though he didn't want to bother her to come, it was certain how happy he was that she came to support him for the important moment.

Ashley: We've already talked about this, but I have to go with the scene between Brennan and Angela, I just think it was a perfect scene, and it was so important to their story.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Suspect: A wise man is not a slave to his emotions.
Aubrey: No, but even the best of us can get mugged by them.

Booth: Yeah. Can't eat pie fast or you'll cramp. That is a science.
Brennan: Someday, I would love to live in a world governed by your rules of physics.