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Booth is at home, playing a game with Christine. Christine asks her mother if he can stay, but he tells her he has a meeting.

Cam, Booth, and Wendell examine a body and wait for Brennan to arrive.

At Booth's meeting, we learn that he has made it to 30 days, and is getting his 30 day chip.

Hodgins tells Brennan that Christine can come hang out with Michael Vincent any time he likes, and Brennan seems to take offense to his questions.

Aubrey tells Booth that he's proud of him, and asks if he's getting a chip soon. Booth doesn't wan to be sentimental.

Hodgins comes across Angela's passport, and finally learns her real name. They discover that the victim had left his old life behind and become a yoga instructor.

Brennan and Booth drive together and talk about the case.Booth says he is glad Brennan came along with him. They visit the yoga studio and question the victim's girlfriend.

Then, Aubrey questions a suspect, and Cam and Wendell continue to work on the bones. Booth and Brennan have dinner together at the diner, and they lose track of time.

Brennan tells Cam that Booth's sponsor had asked her Booth's favorite cake for his 30-day sober celebration. Cam is surprised Brennan wasn't invited to the celebration.

Hodgins shows Angela a set of pictures of a house in Paris, then tells her he bought it. They decide to move to Paris.

Angela tells Brennan the news, who looks disappointed. Brennan doesn't understand why Angela wants to move there, and Angela says this job was always supposed to be temporary.

Brennan arrives to Booth's celebration. She asks him why he didn't want her there. He says it isn't a big deal, and he feels like he has a long way to go. She says she shares the challenge with him, and she wants to share in the victory too.

The case is closed, then Hodgins and Angela tell Cam their news.

Brennan and Booth talk about their situation, and Brennan tells Booth he can stay the night.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Suspect: A wise man is not a slave to his emotions.
Aubrey: No, but even the best of us can get mugged by them.

Booth: Yeah. Can't eat pie fast or you'll cramp. That is a science.
Brennan: Someday, I would love to live in a world governed by your rules of physics.