Bones Season 10 Episode 21 Review: The Life in the Light

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There's plenty of good news going around this week, even though some of it is bittersweet.

On Bones Season 10 Episode 21, Booth continues to work on his gambling problem and has even reached a major milestone. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins have happy news, though it's also a bit heartbreaking.

Booth and Brennan's struggle over the past few episodes has been really interesting to watch.

I complained last week that on Bones Season 10 Episode 20, I wasn't happy with the way either character was dealing with the situation. But by the end of that hour, both seemed to be working their way back to each other, with Booth trying a little harder, and Brennan opening up to him a little more.

On "The Life in the Light," Booth is making more appearances with his family, though Brennan isn't ready to let him fully move back in just yet. He's there to spend time with Christine, showing what a sweet and loving father he is as they play silly games and read stories together.

He also shows Brennan that he understands he has work to do. Though his sponsor wants to make sure he has a good 30-day sober celebration, Booth insists he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. He also doesn't want to invite Brennan.

Brennan, hurt when she realizes this is something she should have been a part of, decides to make an appearance at the celebration anyway. When she asks him why she wasn't invited, he tells her he knows how much work he still has to do. That realization is what will ultimately bring Booth and Brennan back together, and closer than before. Thank goodness!

As for the happy news for Angela and Hodgins, they have decided to take the plunge and move to Paris. And who can blame them? This is such a great moment for them, particularly because, as Angela later tells Brennan, her job at the Jeffersonian was never intended to become her career. At her core, she's an artist, and Paris is her dream.

We deserve to see something new. To live a new life. You ready?


What's unfortunate is that this would have been a fantastic way for Angela and Hodgins' story to end, if the series were ending this season. However, that's not the case, so we can only hope they move to Paris temporarily, or that they just decide to have a second home there. Ultimately, though, I like the idea of them being able to run off to Paris and live a new life.

Other Thoughts:

  • Among my favorite scenes is the moment when Angela tells Brennan she's planning to move. The two women hug, and Brennan squeezes Angela tight as she tries to be happy for her. This could actually be a really interesting story for Brennan's character, since Angela has been there from the beginning.
  • I love how Aubrey is so matter-of-fact when asking Booth about getting his chip, and more importantly, in saying that he's proud of him.
  • Thankfully, this episode avoids having a scene where random people find a dead body in a gross or strange way. Those scenes tend to just feel like filler.

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The Life in the Light Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Suspect: A wise man is not a slave to his emotions.
Aubrey: No, but even the best of us can get mugged by them.

Booth: Yeah. Can't eat pie fast or you'll cramp. That is a science.
Brennan: Someday, I would love to live in a world governed by your rules of physics.