Mistresses Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Odd Couples

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On a scale of one to killing it, how awesome has the addition of Calista been so far? 

The answer is absolutely killing it! Jennifer Esposito has been such a breath of fresh air this season and I'm loving everything she has brought to the show. I'm really looking forward to her inclusion into the group.

Mistresses Season 3 Episode 3 found Calista and Joss getting a whole lot closer after they hit a bit of a rough patch. But rest assured their friendship seems to have been cemented and a new partnership has surely formed. 

Joss Helps - Mistresses

While this was a sort of subdued week in the lives of our fearsome foursome, all of the major storylines of the season were definitely pushed forward. The Joss and Calista friendship was the highlight of Mistresses Season 3 Episode 2 and I loved that we picked right back up with them this week. 

Joss showing off her event planning skills to help Calista wasn't unexpected because Joss is a rockstar and she's really good at what she does. 

You never, ever work for free. Your time is worth something.

Calista [to Joss]

Putting the whole Harry thing aside, Joss is a great friend and she's always willing to help a friend in need. I know she is a bit of a controversial character at the moment, but she really does have a warm heart and that was on full display tonight.

I love this show for not dragging out the tease from last week of Calista meeting with Harry. She wasn't up to anything sinister, she was just checking him out for herself. It wasn't right for her to wait so long to tell Joss, but I really don't think there was anything malicious behind it. 

It was easy to see why Joss reacted the way she did, but Calista is a very unhappy and jaded person, so she wasn't exactly thinking clearly. She saw Harry as the bad guy and in her own way she was trying to protect Joss. 

How amazing was their bathroom scene? Like I said, Calista has been a fabulous addition and I look forward to hearing more about Luka and her back story. 

I also look forward to her nuggets of advice, which I'm sure will be flowing now that Joss and Harry are finally giving it the old college try. I think. You can just never tell with those two.

Here's hoping the writers don't keep pushing them together and yanking them apart every week, because that won't work. 

One thing that is working is the Alec and Karen pairing. When he first came on the scene, I did the typical Mistresses equation. Good looking guy in a scene with one of the leads + antagonistic banter = future romantic coupling. What I did not see coming was the sick wife angle. 

I assumed my calculation was wrong (for possibly the first time ever), but then I saw that flicker of chemistry between the two and I didn't know what to believe. 

Alec: You got somewhere you need to be?
Karen: As a matter of fact I have a date tonight.
Alec: Is it a first date?
Karen: Yes. It's a blind date.
Alec: Well you should definitely cancel. You look like hell.

We know Alec is head over heels in love with his wife, but Joss and I weren't the only ones who saw a little something, something between them. What does this mean people?!?!

Rounding out the group was April and her shock over finding out she had to repay the insurance money she collected when Paul "died" the first time. This was a bore, if you ask me, although it did give us more insight into Mark. And Mark is quietly becoming one of my favorites. 

Are we still feeling like these two may be a thing down the road? Or is it starting to feel like they may really gel as a totally strange, hybrid family?

This wasn't the most action packed episode, but "Odd Couples" was a solid installment that set things up for the season. How do you guys feel about Joss and Harry possibly giving their relationship a try? Were you as unhappy as me to see Toni back? Is there something going on between Karen and Alec?

Make sure you let me know your thoughts in the comments and remember to watch Mistresses online so you're all caught up with the lovely ladies of Los Angeles. 

Odd Couples Review

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Men like women with their hair down. At least your husband does.

Model [to Calista]

You never, ever work for free. Your time is worth something.

Calista [to Joss]